K{(Mg,Fe) 3 [AlSi 3 O 10 ](OH) 2 }—K{Mg 3 [AlSi 3 O 10 ](OH) 2 }

[Chemical composition] phlogopite and biotite form a completely isomorphic series between a Mg-Fe, when Mg:Fe <2:1 when biotite, when Mg:Fe> 2:1 when phlogopite. Instead of K, there are Na, Ca, Rb, Cs, and Ba. In place of Mg and Fe, Al, Fe 3+ , Ti, Mn, Li, F, and Cl may be substituted for OH.

[Crystal structure] monoclinic system; 360 screenshot 20170722095456679 a 0 = 0.53 nm, b 0 = 0.92 nm, c 0 = 1.02 nm; β = 100 °; Z = 2. TOT type. The most common type is the 1M type. The octahedral sheet is mainly a trioctahedral structure, but since the Mg and Fe in the octahedral sheet can be replaced by trivalent ions, the dioctahedral structure can be mixed, which is a transitional structure.

[Form, physical properties] The biotite is mainly black and dark brown in color (Fig. G-42), the Ti-rich is light reddish brown, and the rich Fe 3+ is green; the phlogopite is mainly brown and light yellow.

Picture 39

Figure G-42 Dark mica crystal

[genesis and occurrence] The production of biotite is more diverse than other mica minerals, such as contact metamorphism, regional metamorphism, base, medium, acid, alkaline intrusive rocks and pegmatite, etc., which are medium and acidic. One of the main rock-forming minerals of igneous rocks. The huge crystals of biotite are produced in the granitic pegmatite and coexist with muscovite. The biotite can be eroded into other minerals such as chlorite, muscovite and sericite under the action of weathering. The biotite is easier to decompose than other mica. The first stage of weathering becomes water black mica, and the second stage is Decomposed into meteorites to kaolinite. After the weathering of biotite, it will cause relative density reduction and color change. Phlogopite to contact the main causes of account, account is contacting the reaction product of an acid with a carbonate surrounding rock intrusions lean magnesium-rich silicon occurs, and diopside, forsterite, spinel symbiotic. It is also produced in some pegmatites and ultrabasic rocks.

[Uses] biotite containing iron due to the insulation performance far better than muscovite, is not conducive to the use of the electrical industry. However, biotite fines are often used as building material fillers, such as mica asphalt felt.

Many physical properties of phlogopite are similar to muscovite. However, the thermal stability is better than muscovite. In general, the trioctahedral minerals of the structurally identical layered silicates have higher thermal stability than the dioctahedral minerals. Phlogopite is also resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals and various radiations. However, the chemical stability of phlogopite is not as good as that of muscovite. The tensile, compressive and shear strength of phlogopite is lower than that of muscovite. Therefore, the use of phlogopite is comparable to that of muscovite, but the quality is lower than that of muscovite.

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