Compared with ordinary crawler bulldozers, German wheeled bulldozers are a construction machine that adapts to a wider range of working conditions. It can complete earthmoving operations such as excavation, leveling, and backfilling at a faster speed and with higher efficiency. At the same time, wheeled bulldozers are more maneuverable and flexible, with quick and easy transitions. They can be used in civil buildings, roads, airports, and dams. Port docks, farmland transformation and other engineering construction. In the pursuit of work efficiency, wheel bulldozers are more suitable for various engineering needs.

DGT 240 wheel bulldozer detonates the market

The German DGT240 bulldozer adopts Weichai III discharge electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine. With strong power and large torque reserve, the DGT240 bulldozer is equipped with a fixed-shaft four-speed and four-return gearbox. The industrial and mining adaptability is stronger and the operating efficiency is higher.

Enhanced drive axle, stronger carrying capacity, greater traction, stable and reliable. With a small turning radius and a small braking distance, the safety factor is greatly improved.

The cooling system adopts a newly designed and enlarged radiator, which has a good heat dissipation effect.

The new sealed cab has a wide field of vision, good sealing, noise and noise reduction, and an optional rollover and fall protection bracket for safety and comfort.

The use of stepper motor instrument panel, beautiful appearance, good visibility, complete functions, with fault alarm and fault self-diagnosis function, maintenance-free batteries, waterproof connectors, wire speed protection sets, good security.

DGT 240 wheel bulldozer detonates the market

Degong DGT240 wheel bulldozer inherits 40 years of manufacturing experience of construction machinery. With rigorous attitude, strict process manufacturing, more humane technical design, and safe and reliable working performance, it has quickly won widespread market acceptance. (This article comes from German workers)

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