In the tunnel at the 18 bends of Chengmenshan Copper Mine Road in Jiujiang, there are various kinds of cars running. Aerospace heavy engineering equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Aerospace Heavy Industry) developed and produced 110 tons of two-axis electric wheel mining vehicles in it.

Unlike other cars, the 110-ton mine car of the aerospace heavy industry is particularly eye-catching. This is not only because it is big and bright, but because it is installed more quickly, and it is robbed by the mine's driver brothers, and it immediately passes through the Jiumen Mountain Copper Mine in Jiujiang, Jiangxi.

航天重工:矿山“大哥大” 举手投足都赚钱
Aerospace Heavy Industry: Mine "Big Brother" Makes Money and Makes Money

On August 4th, Chairman of the Board of Director of the Aerospace Heavy Industry, Secretary of the Party General Party Zhong Jianguo and Deputy General Manager Yang Chenghua and his delegation visited the Zheng Junlin, the chief engineer of the mine for 110 tons of mining vehicles, with the care of the company. Ting He and Zhou Jianjun expressed their gratitude for their long-term adherence to the mine.

The Chengmenshan Copper Mine is the second largest copper mine in Jiangxi. Most of the mines are 40-ton pick-up trucks, and few 60-ton vehicles are running. Undoubtedly, the 110-ton mine car of the aerospace heavy industry has become the “big brother” of the mine and has become a hot commodity for mine drivers.

The 110-ton mine car is operated in three shifts for 24 hours, and only half an hour can be taken for a short break. According to the first driver’s introduction to the master, a 100-ton vehicle is equipped with much faster fuel consumption, a three-vehicle roof, and a top three shifts. It takes a few months to earn more than a few thousand dollars. With such a money-making machine, paying the master and his shifting brother naturally laughed at each other.

At eight o'clock in the morning, Chen Ting, Zheng Junlin, and Zhou Jianjun began to inspect the vehicles. Each site was inspected carefully. "Every day, we want to give the driver the best possible condition," said Chen Ting. Master Fu also said next, "Open your car in particular."

I heard that I had to take pictures of the mine car and pay the master to immediately say that I would clean the car. The love for the car is self-evident. I said no, clean but not true. Pay the master "Oh" and then introduce it.

“Your car rarely fails. The most important thing is that your service attitude is good.” Paying the master said: When I was on duty in the early morning, the headlight of the car was broken. I just tried to give a call to the security personnel in the mining area. I can't think of your security personnel rushed to the scene within half an hour. At that time, it was a stormy weather.

"As long as you pull a lot more money, we are afraid of what we eat." Chen Ting said with a smile.

In the mine, it is not enough to replace the light with a "bitter" word. Sultry and dry, lonely, these are mine brothers need to withstand, and Chen Ting they need to withstand is an invisible pressure every day. Although there is absolute confidence in your car, how strong the soul of the body also has headaches when the heat bulge.

When entering the mine in September last year, 110 tons of mining vehicles had almost no major problems, but it was inevitable that they would do nothing.

“Our car is not sick, as long as we take a rest for half a day, the driver will keep on the phone.” Zhou Jianjun said.

"The most afraid of receiving the driver's phone." Chen Ting said. At noon that day, they were taking a lunch break. The driver of the second class called and said that the horn did not ring. In fact, they were all small things. However, Chen Ting and the three of them still dared not neglect and hurriedly rushed to the mine and got out of hand.

At around 8:30 in the morning on August 4, the vehicle entered the mine pit. Many vehicles ran up and down, and a red flag was placed in front of each vehicle.

"In the past, the red flag was not inserted. After our car arrived, all vehicles were put on a red flag so that the drivers could see it from the top and the bottom to prevent accidents." Zheng Junlin said.

Just after a few heavy rains, the pit was filled with mud, and he couldn't see any of his shoes. The steam on the ground rises straight and it is like walking into a fairyland, but the whole person is sultry to collapse.

Standing on a very high hill, Chen Ting and Zhou Jianjun shouted, "Don't go forward. Be careful that the soil in front of you is loose." Chen Ting even grabbed my clothes for fear that I would step on the mountain. I smiled and said, "rest assured, I'm light."

Joke is a joke. I still can't help but scatter many steps. Standing there, in addition to taking pictures, is to see how their own vehicles surpass other people's vehicles.

There was a lot of mud, and the road was slippery. When other vehicles strenuously climbed, 110 tons of mining vehicles were more than one. Seeing the vehicles left behind, the kind of pride in my heart feels that "I am not born."

"Whenever this time, we all feel that no matter how much affair we suffer, everything is not an issue," Chen Ting said.

Perhaps, in each heart, the company's reputation is supreme. (This article comes from Aerospace Heavy Industry)

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