Introduction: DS series bag filter is a pressure type filter device, the principle: raw materials from the feed inlet device to strengthen the net filter bag, pressure, impurities are intercepted by the filter bag, qualified products penetrate the filter bag, discharged from the discharge port, Go to the next process. The whole process is efficient and quick. The replacement of the filter bag is simple and the filter does not produce material.

ZMDS bag filter selection process

ZMDS series bag filter (referred to as DS bag filter) is a filter bag as a component, suitable for precision filtration, removal of trace fine impurities in the liquid, compared with the core filter has a large flow, fast operation, supplies Economic characteristics, especially suitable for filtering viscous liquids. The DS bag filter is equipped with a variety of high performance precision filter bags produced by Shimao Filtration, which can meet most of the precision filtration requirements. DS series bag machine is designed with reference to steel pressure vessel. It is made of high quality stainless steel (304/316L) material. It is manufactured according to strict quality standards. It is humanized, automated, and simple in design. It has excellent corrosion performance, safety, reliability and tightness. Good, durable, excellent workmanship.

DS series bag filter is a pressure type filter device, the principle: the raw material from the feed port into the device to strengthen the net filter bag, pressure, impurities are intercepted by the filter bag, qualified products penetrate the filter bag, discharged from the discharge port, enter the next A process. The whole process is efficient and quick. The replacement of the filter bag is simple and the filter does not produce material.

Bag filter features:

1: The bag filter has a large amount of processing, a reasonable structure, and a large volume of material.

2: It is convenient and quick to change the filter bag, and the filter is free from cleaning, saving time and labor.

3: The side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, and the filter quality is effectively guaranteed.

4: The bag filter can carry greater working pressure, low pressure loss, low operating costs, and significant energy savings.

5: The filtering accuracy of filter bags has been continuously improved and it has reached 0.5um.

6: The bag filter has a wide range of applications, suitable for various solid liquid filtration, flexible use, and various installation methods.

Bag filter drawings:

Bag filter application:

1: Automotive Industry: Coatings, Coatings, and Paint Filtration

2: Electronic industry: process water pretreatment, tape coating, air prefiltration

3: Food and beverage industry: Juice, mineral water, milk, wine, vinegar, edible oil, syrup, etc.

4: Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry: Lubricants, chemicals, oils, hot solvents, phosphate paints, etc.

5: Biopharmaceutical industry: biological and fermentation, medical water, rinse water, high mucus, cosmetics and other filters.

6: Environmental Protection: Industrial and Domestic Water, Textile and Paper Wastewater, Metal Cutting Fluid, Cleaning Agent Filtration

7: Printing, furniture industry: Ink, paint, resin, wax filter.

Bag filter use:


Preparation: Warning: The falling lid will hurt your hand after opening the lid.

1. First of all, please confirm whether the accessories required for installing the bag filter system are fully prepared:

1 bag filter body 2 sealing ring

3 metal mesh 4 filter bag 5 pressure gauge two (optional)

2. Check the Ο-type seal ring and the Ο-type groove on the filter. If the Ο-type seal ring is deformed, scratches or cracks occur, or there is a problem with the joint position of the Ο-type seal ring, replace the new accessories.

Installation: When installing, follow these steps:

1. Place the bag filter on the station to be filtered, connect the inlet and outlet flanges or the tube teeth, and fix it; suffocate the exhaust port, or configure the exhaust valve. Jacket type connection heat source.

2. Gently insert the metal mesh into the bag filter so that the inner neckline fits with the bag filter mouth.

3. Place the filter bag so that the loop of the filter bag matches the neckline of the metal inner net. Note: If you use a sewn filter bag, fold the filter bag so that the filter bag can be filtered.

4, the Ο-type seal ring into the Ο-type groove, Ο-type seal ring can not be distorted or deformed, multi-bag filter buckle on the filter bag pressure ring.

5. Hold the top handle with one hand and grasp the other end of the top cover with one hand (multi-bag filter rotates the top hand wheel), align the top cover with the bag filter port, slowly lower it, naturally press it against the seal. Ring and filter bag ring mouth.

6. After the upper cover is aligned, tighten the two hanging caps at the same time and tighten all the hanging caps one by one (into the rings with a short stick).

7. Close the exhaust valve installed on the top of the bag filter.

8. Please check whether the connection pipe is firm; whether the working pressure is within the allowable range.

9, open the output valve. Open the heat source into the valve and allow the filter temperature to rise to the specified temperature.

10. Open the input valve so that the liquid slowly flows into and fills the filter, preventing the liquid from suddenly hitting the filter bag, causing cracks, and then observing the leak. If no leakage occurs, filtration can begin.

Daily use and maintenance

Daily use:

The filtration system at work must constantly check the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. When the pressure difference reaches about 0.6 Mpa, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the pressure difference from breaking the filter bag and damage the support network.

Correctly open the filtered filter cover:

Warning: Do not open the lid with pressure inside the bag filter, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected and cause liquid loss and personal injury.

Therefore, please operate strictly in the following order:

1. Close the inlet valve; close the outlet valve when there is pressure at the outlet.

2. After confirming that the pipe connected to the exhaust valve has been connected to a safe place or suction port (especially when filtering toxic and corrosive liquids), open the exhaust valve to prevent the liquid from causing damage to the worker and the surrounding environment. Pollution.

3. Check the pressure gauge and determine that the internal pressure is 0. At this time, the bag filter should have been separated from the piping system.

4. If there is a drain valve, confirm that the drain fluid is connected to the recovery area and open the drain valve; until the remaining liquid in the bag filter flows through the drain valve, close the drain valve. This discharge work can be done in a pressurized manner (please refer to the pressurization discharge process).

5, unscrew the cover hanging cap, lift the cover, multi bag filter need to turn a certain angle.

Replace filter bag:

1. High-efficiency filter bags are made of fine fibers. The hydrophilicity of these materials is weak. The surface of the fiber is not wetted by water, so as with other filter cartridges using the same material, it must be moistened with other liquids with lower surface tension before use. Before installation, you must immerse the filter bag in a pre-wet solution that matches the filtered liquid for several minutes.

2. Open the bag filter cover.

3. Put the top cover steady and carefully remove the filter bag.

4. Put a new filter bag, please refer to the installation process.

Monitoring filter quality:

When the liquid input pressure is stable, the filtration quality is closely related to the pressure difference in the filter bag. If the pressure difference is too large, the filtration pore size of the filter bag is blocked and the filtration rate is reduced. Therefore, we suggest that when the bag filter starts to work, the pressure difference should be checked regularly, and the time for replacing the filter bag is determined by the pressure difference shown by the front and rear pressure gauges. Generally, the filter bag can withstand 0.5-1 Kg/cm2 (0.05- Around 0.1Mpa), when the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid the filter bag breaking and affecting the filtering effect. If the pressure drop suddenly drops, stop the filtration immediately and check for leaks.

Pressurized discharge residual liquid:

When filtering high-viscosity liquids, compressed air can be introduced into the exhaust valve to accelerate the discharge of residual liquid and shorten the waiting time. The device is shown in the picture. Please note that the air used for pressurized discharge must be stable and the pressure should not exceed the working pressure of the filter.

The steps are as follows:

1. Close the input valve.

2. Open the intake valve.

3. The gas is introduced into a bag filter and the pressurization drains the remaining liquid.

4. Check the outlet pressure gauge and confirm that the gauge pressure is equal to the compressed air pressure; confirm that there is no fluid outflow from the outlet.

5. Close the inlet valve.

6. Slowly open the exhaust valve; the outlet of the exhaust valve is ejected with residual liquid and must be directed to a safe place or filter suction port.

7. After the compressed air is drained, close the exhaust valve. At this time, there should be no pressure inside the filter and the lid can be opened.

Cleaning bag filter:

ZMDS bag filters do not require cleaning if they continue to filter the same liquid. However, if other types of liquids are filtered, they must be cleaned before being used.

Maintenance and replacement of Ο-type seals:

Maintenance: When using the Ο-type sealing ring to align with the Ο-type groove to avoid improper extrusion caused by Ο-type dense

Sealing ring deformation; when not filtering, the Ο-shaped sealing ring must be removed and wiped clean, otherwise the residue will solidify and adhere to it.

Surface, resulting in hardening, poor sealing.

Replacement: If the seal ring is worn or damaged, replace it. The same type of jaw seal should be selected for replacement.

Special statement:

1. Under normal use conditions, the filter and support network warranty is one year old. If it is damaged due to improper use, it is not covered by the warranty.

2. The maximum design pressure of the standard bag filter is 1.0Mpa, except for the recommended maximum working pressure of 0.3-0.5Mpa.

3. The maximum design pressure in the jacket of the bag type clamping device is 1.0Mpa, and the maximum recommended working pressure is 0.3-0.5Mpa.

4, multi-bag filter design pressure is 1.0Mpa, the maximum recommended working pressure is 0.3-0.5Mpa.

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