With the improvement of bank security, the construction of bank video surveillance systems is no longer satisfied with the simple application mode of watching videos and checking videos, and it is necessary to combine other security subsystems and banking business systems to meet the basic security work requirements. Next, it maximizes the support for the development of banking services and improves service quality. mainly include:
1Integrate various security systems to simplify operations and upgrade bank security
Bank security systems include video surveillance, alarm systems, voice intercom, and access control. Although most banks have implemented video surveillance system networking, they have not integrated other security systems. Each system operates independently and does not establish a good linkage mechanism. The entire security system appears to be large and fragmented.
2 Standard internal personnel standardization work
At present, most banks’ security systems do not exert their maximum effectiveness. Security and business have always been two completely independent concepts in the traditional concept. Utilizing the existing security system, without increasing or adding only a small amount of investment, it can support some of the bank's business systems, such as the digital over-counting of cash counters on counters, the normative assessment of teller operations, and the promotion of new banking services.
3 Improve bank service quality, improve customer satisfaction and customer experience
With the rapid economic development, the competition among major banks is becoming more and more intense. How to improve the bank's service quality is an issue that bank leaders attach great importance to. Providing customer experience and satisfaction can win more customers for the bank and increase the bank's business volume. Especially in unattended self-service banks, creating a safe and warm environment for users to access and deposit money through existing security systems has become an important means for banks to improve service quality.
In order to solve the problems existing in the actual operation, a modern security management platform system that can adapt to the overall needs of the bank's security management business is established. The unified and centralized management of operations, services, and equipment requires the following objectives:
(1) Centralize and manage the digital video surveillance system of all existing banking institutions. (2) Centrally manage the security alarm system of all branches, sub-branches, and outlets. (3) Centralized and unified management of self-service banking video and alarm systems.
(4) Consolidate and manage the access control, security alarm and digital video system of the treasury. Unifiedly accept and handle alarm information of all business organizations, and automatically forward them to related institutions or personnel as needed. (5) Centralized monitoring, centralized processing, integration of existing equipment, establishment of unified standards, improvement of management processes, and development of service banking.
The administrative building is the main center of banking business management. It integrates office areas, business offices, self-service banks, monitoring centers, and private banks. Taking into account the bank building's particularity and security, currently the bank building generally adopts high-definition intelligent monitoring solutions in the construction of new projects. For the administrative building security monitoring and renovation project, the financial security overall solution has been proposed, integrating video surveillance systems, intercom systems, alarm systems, access control systems, large-screen display systems and other sets of subsystems.

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