Introduction: The price of new large-scale machinery and equipment is relatively high, and many companies will choose to purchase second-hand machinery. For example, used glass machinery is much cheaper than new ones. To a certain extent, it can reduce production costs, but the length of its service life depends on correct operation. Ways and routine maintenance.

Second-hand glass machinery how to operate?

The development of China's glass machinery industry began in the early 1990s and started relatively late. Glass machinery is a kind of mechanical equipment that specializes in producing various types of glass.

Glass machinery is divided into two major categories: glass cold treatment equipment and glass heat treatment equipment. The glass cold treatment equipment mainly includes a glass cleaner, a glass edging machine, and a Gude glass sandblasting machine to treat the glass surface; the glass heat treatment equipment mainly includes a tempering furnace, a heat bending furnace and the like, and processes the internal structure of the glass.

The new large-scale machinery and equipment are relatively expensive, as are the glass machinery and equipment. Many companies will choose to purchase second-hand machinery, which can reduce production costs to a certain extent.

Second-hand glass machinery has always been used as a resource allocation of market resources and has played a great role in optimizing. However, there are some differences in operation between used glass machinery and new glass machinery.

The second-hand glass machinery and equipment in the actual operation, easy to operate, reliable performance, work under normal circumstances, the grinding wheel for rapid rotation, slow linear movement of the glass, the feed movement, glass edging machine work is due to the multi-grinding head at the same time Friction, when the force is uneven, it is easy to produce vibration and noise, which affects the processing quality. The movement of the moving beam of the edger is achieved by the ball screw and the linear guide rail. The fixed beam is fixed on the base column. Therefore, the quality of the moving beam is particularly important.

The price of used edging glass machinery and equipment generally needs about 10,000 yuan, depending on the old and new and the brand will be different. The second-hand edging glass machine, the precision of the processed glass reflects the key components of the equipment and the shape error after assembly. It requires strict inspection during assembly.

Commonly used detection tools include: precision level gauges, dial gauges, micrometers, collimator tubes, high-precision spindle spindles, precision squares, and dial gauges. The accuracy of the test tool used must be one grade higher than the accuracy of the part being measured.

The length of life of second-hand glass machinery also depends on the correct mode of operation and routine maintenance.

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