The localization rate of automatic transmissions is very low. To what extent, to a car with a price above 150,000 yuan, the localization rate of automatic transmissions is almost zero, and the automatic assembly is installed on cars with a price of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. The gearbox will not exceed 20% of the localization rate, so the automatic transmission assembly is basically completely monopolized by the relatively large international transmission factory. ” Shanghai Yongfu Transmission Technology Service Co., Ltd. General Manager Chi Yongbo told reporters.

Domestic auto companies and auto parts manufacturers rely mainly on foreign investment in core technologies such as automatic transmissions. Every year, China needs to import more than 30 billion yuan of automatic gearbox assemblies from foreign capital.

External dependence

“The number of vehicles that we have sold each year in recent years is 3 million to 4 million vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. In addition to the annual import of nearly 3 million automatic transmission assemblies, approximately 1 million sets of automatic transmissions are produced locally. However, the localization rate is almost zero. The domestic production line is an assembly line. Components are purchased from overseas and then assembled in the Chinese market.” Chi Yongbo told reporters.

“The boss of the big auto group has no incentive to increase investment in core technology development and is not keen on localization. The focus is on how much sales increase each year and how much money they earn. Small auto companies do not have redundant capital and capabilities to develop core technologies. "Chi Yongbo said.

In 2011, a report released by the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute stated that at present, China’s spare parts companies are heavily rebuilt, their production concentration is not high, domestic domestic companies are small, R&D investment is low, and the proportion of foreign auto parts production accounts for more and more. high. Most of the core components, such as engines and gasoline turbochargers, are monopolized by international brands, and local brands have a very small share.

The gearbox and the engine are two core components of a vehicle powertrain. It is the link that transmits the power of the engine to the four wheels. In a sense, it determines the value of a car. In the Chinese automotive market, BorgWarner from the United States, Aisin Seiki in Japan, and ZF in Germany basically monopolized the automatic transmission market.

It is thanks to the contribution of the Chinese market that foreign manufacturers such as BorgWarner have shown an alarming increase in sales in the Chinese market. BorgWarner's sales in the Chinese market in 1995 was only 100 million yuan and 1,500 employees. The sales volume was 2.5 billion yuan by 2010, but there were only 1,000 employees and sales increased 25 times.

Different from the American company style, Aisin, an automatic transmission company from Japan, made a lot of noise in China. According to Zhou Yanwu, research director of Shuiqing Muhua, 80% of the automatic transmissions on the Chinese market are provided by Aisin. As of October 2012, Aisin has 28 domestic auto parts production companies in China, making it the first choice for automatic transmissions for domestic brands.

The domestic import amount of the automatic transmission assembly has been ranked first in the total amount of imported auto parts for many years. Cui Dongshu, deputy secretary-general of the National Passenger Vehicles Association, said that last year, the number of imported automatic transmission assemblies in China was about 2.97 million sets, and the import amount was 6.4 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 20% of the total import value of all auto parts.

Deadlock is difficult to break

In order to break the monopoly of foreign technologies and solve the technical bottlenecks of automatic transmissions, under the leadership of the National Development and Reform Commission, in April 2008, 12 local auto companies including SAIC, FAW Group, and Dongfeng Automobile were established to establish the China Unicom Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " China National Development and Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture with foreign company BorgWarner to develop an automatic transmission, is regarded as an important opportunity for domestic companies to master core technologies.

In November 2008, BorgWarner signed a joint-venture contract with China-California in Beijing to establish BorgWarner Dual Clutch Drive System Co., Ltd. The ratio of the two parties is 66:34. The total investment of the joint venture company is 200 million U.S. dollars. The location of the joint venture company is located in the Dalian Economic Development Zone. It is planned to be completed and put into use in early 2011. The joint venture will produce and develop the core products of the dual-clutch automatic transmission: a dual clutch module, a torsional vibration damper module and a control module.

However, in fact, the current state of "union and alliance" presented by the China Development Association has completely contradicted its original intention. “The company has become an investment company and it is impractical to try to learn technology from BorgWarner through the China Development Alliance platform. The core of the car manufacturers is Chengdu’s competitive relationship, and one company designs and develops for 12 companies. Gearbox assembly is more difficult to achieve, and each automaker is now developing its own automatic transmission technology.” A person in charge of a domestic vehicle company told reporters.

Existing domestic automakers have made breakthroughs in automatic transmission technology. SAIC Transmission has invested more than 4 billion yuan to research and develop automatic transmission technology. Some of the new generation of automatic transmissions on the Roewe 550 are provided by SAIC Transmission. BYD, Geely, and JAC have already had the integration capabilities of automatic transmissions and achieved market matching in small batches.

Chi Yongbo said that the ability to integrate the automatic transmission assembly does not mean that local automobile manufacturers are not subject to foreign investment in the manufacture of automatic transmissions. For example, solenoid valve technology is still subject to foreign regulations.

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