The 8 health care function details of chlorophyll: Chlorophyll plays an important role in absorbing photosynthetic reactions and is a major factor affecting the rate of photosynthetic reaction. Chlorophyll content in plants is generally measured using a professional measuring instrument called the chlorophyll detector. Operational. For us humans, chlorophyll is very important and indispensable. At the same time, chlorophyll is also gradually dedicated to the physiological and health functions of the human body. The health care functions of chlorophyll mainly include eight major aspects:
1) Hematopoiesis: The molecules of chlorophyll are very similar in structure to human red blood cell molecules. The only difference is that their respective cores are magnesium and iron atoms. Therefore, drinking chlorophyll can greatly help maternal and accidental blood loss.
2) Provide vitamins: Chlorophyll contains a large amount of vitamin C and inorganic salts, which are indispensable substances in human life activities, and can also maintain the weak alkaline of body fluids and are conducive to health.
3) Maintaining enzyme activity: Enzymes are also called “enzymes”. They are catalysts for chemical changes in the human body and are responsible for the synthesis and decomposition of various chemical substances. If the enzyme is insufficient, some chemical substances cannot be fully decomposed and synthesized, and superoxide radicals are formed. It destroys the normal cells of the human body and causes various diseases. Chlorophyll can maintain the activity of enzymes, making it play a strong anti-oxidation, resist free radicals and delay aging.
4) Detoxification: Chlorophyll is the best natural antidote. It can neutralize the toxins accumulated in the body, such as preservatives, additives, and flavors contained in various junk foods, and removes the toxins from the body to purify the blood.
5) Anti-inflammatory effect: Chlorophyll can also prevent infection, prevent the spread of inflammation, and has the effect of bactericidal anti-inflammatory. It has unexpected effects on many inflammations, especially skin irritation, trauma, unresolved gastric ulcers, and enteritis.
6) Deodorization: Another important role of chlorophyll is deodorization because it inhibits the sulfides produced during metabolic processes. As long as the amount of drinking green juice is appropriate every day, bad breath such as halitosis, sweat, urine, and faeces can be eliminated from the mouth, nose, and body.
7) Cellulose is abundant: Since the fiber is present in the leaves of the plant together with chlorophyll, the uptake of chlorophyll is equivalent to the simultaneous ingestion of cellulose.
8) Disease resistance: Chlorophyll has a lot of effects in improving physical fitness and rickets. If it can enhance the body's tolerance; there are anti-aging, anti-cancer, gene mutation prevention and other functions, is the guardian of human health.
The function of chlorophyll in health care has been so powerful. Whether there are other effects or not has not been thoroughly understood. Chlorophyll content has a profound impact on the position of the plant. It affects the synthesis of organic matter in plants. In normal times, we will use the measured chlorophyll content to understand the photosynthesis process. Chlorophyll measurement is performed using a chlorophyll meter. Fast and easy measurement. Chlorophyll is a rare nutrient. People can eat 300-400 grams of dark green vegetables and fruits every day. Chlorophyll will not be lacking.

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