Yesterday, the Guangzhou Industrial Robot Manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance was formally established.

The alliance cooperates with the Guangzhou region in the research and development, manufacturing, integration and application of technical robots and related components, and aims to produce and apply enterprises through the development of key technologies and equipment for industrial robot manufacturing and application. The main body, the supporting enterprises of the joint industry, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, etc., promote the cooperation of the units in the Guangzhou area in technology research and development, manufacturing, integrated application, market development, etc., and promote the popularization and application of industrial robots.

It is reported that the established alliance will participate in the government's preparation and validation of industrial robot industry planning and annual support projects, and report to the relevant government departments on the development status, difficulties and problems of industrial robots and intelligent equipment manufacturing and application industries. In this way, the relevant department's special support policies and supporting fund support will be obtained. The alliance will also maintain the lawful rights and interests of the industry and members of the alliance according to the rules and constraints of the orderly development of the industry.

After the establishment of the alliance, Guangzhou will further promote the industrial robot industry and increase support for funds, land use and talents. At the same time, in the industrial fields such as mechanical equipment, automobiles, food, dangerous goods manufacturing, such as repeated labor characteristics, labor intensity and certain risks, we will do a good job in a number of typical applications with outstanding effects, strong driving force and high correlation. Demonstration projects will promote the use of industrial robots to improve the traditional manufacturing industry. In addition, Guangzhou will further promote the combination of industrial research and use, give full play to the role of industrial robot industry alliance industry associations and other institutions, strengthen exchanges and interactions between industries, promote the development of industrial robot industry, and create a robot industry cluster with Guangzhou characteristics.

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