High-pressure cleaning sewage truck becomes the leader of future sanitation and drainage equipment

Cleaning sewage trucks is the epitome of the development of environmental sanitation equipment in the future. In the future, sanitation equipment will be more humane and intelligent. The high-pressure cleaning and sewer cleaning car was born in recent years. There are many people who don't know what kind of car it is, and it's difficult to use it. Then our manufacturers specializing in the production of high-pressure cleaning and sewer cleaning vehicles will explain in detail.
The high-pressure cleaning sewage suction truck has a chassis and a top assembly. The top of the sewage suction truck is made of high-quality Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The tank body is a round tank, the tank body has a reinforced rib, the interior can be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the tank body can be lifted. Turn on the device and empty the sludge once. The most distinctive feature is that the suction tank has a sludge separation system. When the tank space is not enough, the sludge classification system can be opened to extend the operation time and increase the workload.
Part of the characteristics of high-pressure cleaning, the use of imported Italian KF-36 vacuum pump, pressure up to 16-24 MPa, the main components are oil-water separator, steam separator, high-pressure cleaning truck equipped with 60 meters high pressure hose, there are a series of different The use of high-pressure nozzles ensures the versatility of high-pressure cleaning and sewage suction vehicles.
If the high-pressure cleaning sewage truck has no subjective conditions, the objective price adjustment will not achieve consumer recognition and welcome. Here's a detailed description of the characteristics of the high-pressure cleaning sewage truck.
Cleaning suction trucks, cleaning sewage suction trucks is a combination of suction trucks and suction trucks. It is also known as the joint sewage suction truck. It is widely used in road cleaning, sewer dredge, wall square cleaning, and breeding. Field cleaning, industrial water pipelines, industrial and mining enterprises and residential areas sewage pipelines, slagging pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipelines, flue gas, oil pipelines and two-phase flow pipelines clogging.
The high-pressure cleaning and sewage suction truck has received the highest honor since it was put into the market, mainly because the sewer dredging and cleaning equipment in China has always had defects in vehicle utilization, comprehensive performance, and environmental protection emissions, especially in the comprehensive utilization of the vehicle. There is a lack of integration, and ordinary sewage suction trucks cannot be cleaned. Ordinary cleaning trucks cannot absorb dirt. Customers are in a dilemma in their choice. The emergence of high-pressure cleaning and sewer trucks is like the sunshine in the dark, completely solving people's entanglement.

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