September 22 was the seventh "No Car Day". At 9:00 in the morning, Changzhi Mayor Jiang Zhiying came to the scene of a car-free day publicity campaign. He said that the government should actively guide the public to travel by car and make green travel A habit.

At the site of the event, a green 160-way environmental protection bus attracted special attention. This is one of the first pure electric buses operating on Changchun Road.

“Is the vehicle performance stable? Can we guarantee normal operation under severe cold conditions?” Jiang Zhiying boarded the bus and exchanged with technical personnel. Jiang Zhiying said that to participate in this event, it is necessary to reflect the government's concept of promoting bus priority and green travel. In recent years, with the development of public transportation, Changchun has implemented a series of infrastructure constructions, including the “two horizontal and three vertical” expressways, bus renewal, bus station construction, subway line 1 and light rail phase 3 projects. In particular, the new energy buses being used are all important components of the development of green and low-carbon transportation in the future.

“Is the driver reporting station clear?” “What about health on the bus?” “Can the driver take care of the old, weak, sick, disabled and other special passengers...” Yesterday morning, at the People’s Square, 26 bus companies in Changchun City Suspend the banner, knock drums, and publicize the car-free day activities. “The main way I usually travel is by bus. Now the facilities of the bus are also complete, the environment is good, and the service is also in place. Not only is it convenient and quick, but it is also comfortable to sit in.” says Mr. Wang, a citizen.

According to briefings, buses in Changchun are in good condition. In recent years, the government has supported the replacement of 500 new cars each year. At the same time, efforts have been made to complete the warm-up trains of buses. “Currently, there are 4596 buses in Changchun City, of which energy-saving vehicles account for about 80%. This year we will continue to update 500 old buses, most of which are energy-saving vehicles, including a portion of new energy vehicles, and have now been updated. 296 units are expected to be updated before the end of the year. According to Wang Wei, deputy director of the Changchun City Transportation Bureau, there are 29 bus routes in Changchun, totaling 92.8 kilometers. In order to achieve public transport priority, the people are given priority and plans to be new every year in the next few years. It will increase 30-40 kilometers and will also give priority to the comprehensive bus service functions through series of measures such as the construction of harbor pavilions.

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