With the rapid development of the economy and the promotion of energy-saving policies, China has become the world's most promising energy-saving lighting market analysts believe that in the next few years, the market scale of energy-saving lighting will increase geometrically.
The rapid development of the energy-saving lighting industry not only attracts the large-scale layout of international lighting manufacturers, but also allows Chinese regional lighting manufacturers to come to the beach. In particular, the high-profile LED lighting industry has shown rapid development under the strong promotion of local governments and the investment of large enterprises.
However, while the LED industry has expanded rapidly, problems hidden deep in the industry have gradually surfaced, restricting the healthy development of the industry.
Rapid expansion of the LED industry Since 2003, China has promoted the development of the LED lighting industry, and proposed the National Semiconductor Lighting Project and the 11th Five-Year Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Technology Development Special Plan to assist in the improvement of industrial scale and technical level, and plan for ten cities.盏 and set up a semiconductor lighting base throughout the country to promote the application of regional LED lighting.
Under the key support of the government, China's LED industry and market have experienced rapid expansion. The overall output value has been greatly improved. It has also driven manufacturers to actively expand the upstream and downstream layout of the industry chain, making China not only the world's major LED outdoor lighting market, but also the global LED. One of the major producers of components. The growth of China's LED industry is strong. From 2006 to 2011, the annual growth rate of output value reached 30, and since 2009, the industry has accelerated its expansion, and the current output value has grown to 156 billion yuan.
The expansion of GM and landscape lighting market is the world's leading production base for consumer electronics and lighting products. China has also become the world's largest LED component application market. In 2011, it consumed about 35 LED components worldwide. In the LED market application in China, there are four main application areas: public landscape lighting, electronic product backlighting, display/billboard, and general lighting.
Since 2008, China has promoted the LED decorative lighting industry by setting up street and square decorative lighting to promote LED decorative lighting. In 2010, through the government's ten-city demonstration program, LED street lights, tunnels, parking and gas station applications were promoted. Inspired by the government's subsidy measures, the lighting-related application market has grown rapidly. General-purpose lighting has risen to 25, becoming the largest application area. General lighting and landscape lighting account for about 50% of the application ratio. Display lighting has become the most important LED in mainland China. The application of the city is often estimated that with the continued assistance of government policies, the market size of China's general lighting and landscape lighting will continue to show a high growth trend in the future.
The three major problems have become the development of the industry. Although China's LED industry is rushing into the blowout period under the stimulation of favorable policies and market demand, the three major problems that have plagued the development of the industry still exist, laying a certain foundation for the healthy development of the entire industry. Hidden dangers.
The first is the weak technological innovation capability. The high-end product technology of the value chain represented by chips is still mainly in the hands of foreign companies. For example, more than 980 MOCVD machines in China are basically imported, and key equipment in the middle and lower reaches are mainly imported, which has hidden hidden dangers for the industry.
Second is the lack of leading companies in the industry. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises occupy the low-end market, and the price war is high, and the quality of products is worrying. China's large-scale LED companies have an annual operating income of only several billion yuan, which is far from the international giant's annual sales of 10 billion US dollars.
Finally, there are still direct subsidies to production enterprises in China, and policy guidance needs to be regulated. At present, governments at all levels have introduced some promotion policies, which are intended to supplement subsidies for technological innovation, but have been used by some enterprises to expand production capacity, resulting in unfair competition and disorderly expansion of production capacity, disrupting the original market order and requiring policy adjustment. .
Improve policies and promote development In response to these problems in the industry, the author suggests that relevant policies should be improved to guide the development of the industry.
Eliminate subsidies at the production end, expand the scope and intensity of government procurement and demonstration projects, and promote industrial development with a larger and more competitive domestic market. At present, Guangdong Province has adopted LED lighting on a large area of ​​street lamps, achieving significant energy-saving effects. In public utilities such as schools and hospitals, LED lighting products can also be widely used, and consumer subsidies can be used to open the door to the market for ordinary residents.
In addition, relevant departments should formulate LED product certification standards early; set up benchmarking systems in government procurement to guide product quality improvement; coordinate and coordinate local development planning to avoid low-level redundant construction. Strengthen the construction of industrial technology service intermediary platform, establish a collaborative innovation mechanism among enterprises, and promote core and common technological breakthroughs.

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