English full name TRC Traction Control System, the Chinese translation for TRAC system. We can know from the name, purpose TRC system, to maintain the trajectory of the vehicle is traveling, let it in line with the driver's control of the vehicle.

Because in the real world, the condition of the road surface is not as perfect as the theoretical situation. According to the road paving materials and the use conditions, there are often different conditions of the road surface friction coefficient; while in the sand, water, ice and other road sections, the friction of the road surface The difference in coefficient is even greater. Under such circumstances, if the conditions of the road on the left and right wheels of the vehicle are different, the grip that can be obtained is also different. In the case of acceleration, it may cause the wheels with lower grip to slip. The driving force is reduced, while the better condition of the road surface is better and the driving force is greater, which allows the vehicle to deviate from the original route in the direction of lower grip.
When this phenomenon occurs, the phenomenon of wheel slip is detected. The TRC system will send a signal to the engine control computer to reduce the output of the engine and control the brake system so that the wheels will no longer skid and the vehicle will return to normal direction. The original trajectory advances.

TRC system can really deliver the power to the pavement to avoid slipping conditions, reducing tire wear and unnecessary waste of fuel. At the same time, it can also allow the vehicle to drive in accordance with the will of driving and improve driving safety.

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