If the ordering period is one month, the inventory of the parts, such as the moving parts pump, brake drum, brake shoe, etc. When the accessory target body, crankshaft, clutch pressure plate assembly, transmission housing, and inventory are sold for one year each, the target inventory amount of the distribution axle housing, generator assembly and starter assembly is When the annual sales amount is about one or more accident vehicles that account for the total amount of inventory, the target inventory is one piece.

For accessories for physical use such as front and rear bumpers, headlight assembly, and accessories with annual sales above, take one. Radiator assembly, windshields, fenders, and door parts always take a long time to make up for the order cycle, and generally account for the total inventory. If this is the case, the alert stock must increase.

When the annual sales volume is calculated, when the wearing parts, maintenance and guard stocks exceed the target stock amount, "the repair of commonly used parts may account for about the total sales, and the formulation of the order plan will depend to a large extent on its inventory. However, it is not possible to see the total amount of inventory. As for the forecast of the sales of accessories, once the three types of accessories turnover in the market become faster, the rest of the two types of blending forecasts are inaccurate, causing a large backlog of parts.

Due to the slow turnover of parts. Therefore, it is necessary to raise funds weekly to improve alertness from the perspective of improving the accuracy of ordering. To reduce capital occupation, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of the first three types of stocks with a general target stock.

At the same time, the ordering cycle of the second-class accessories generally takes twice as long as the delivery time. This goods should be taken seriously, and the timely adjustment of the inventory must ensure that the sample can be based on the actual sales supply and reduce the inventory overstock to avoid " The dead situation adjusts the target inventory to effectively avoid inventory.

Caused a backlog of parts. Reasonable determination of the ordering cycle and ordering times will help to reduce the inventory inventory equalization factor based on the local geographical environment characteristics and repair technology. To reduce the total inventory of parts, the target inventory of some accessories must be reduced. inventory.

The target inventory of accessories should be based on the geographic environment characteristics of each place, and the one refers to the adjustment of the target inventory quantity of some accessories from the perspective of satisfying users' needs for accessories. If you start from a place, in the period of ordering for a certain period of time, the maximum inventory of a certain accessory that the brake system component inventory should be in the mountains and hills should be established.

The order cycle refers to an increase in the regular basis, such as an interval at which the mine site is adjacent to two normal spare parts.

The inventory of acoustic target inventory of engine parts such as shadow filter, piston, and piston rings should be appropriately increased. If the road conditions in the region are poor, parts such as tires, shock absorbers, suspensions, etc., used to make fittings should be fully stocked. .

The business of the purchase plan staff should be followed by a reasonable adjustment of the level of demand for spare parts inventory according to changes in the season. Seasonal changes, the vehicle's operating environment, and the accuracy of its predictions, some of the performance will also change accordingly Degree to meet user needs Vehicle repair operations should be adjusted accordingly This probability and the order cycle All requirements Accessories supply Adjust accordingly.

When the summer comes, the average target inventory of the cooling system and the air-conditioning and refrigeration system accessory parts should be increased accordingly. When the winter comes to high or low, it also affects the reserve target inventory of antifreeze and warm air system components.

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