Soil moisture and drought monitoring equipment and functions

Soil moisture and drought monitoring equipment is a collection of instruments, such as multi-parameter soil measuring instruments, fixed-point public opinion monitoring systems, wireless public opinion and drought management systems, etc., which are all components of soil moisture and drought monitoring equipment. Among them, the wireless public opinion and drought management system is an instrument that contains wireless transmission equipment. Because it has a GSM/GPRS module inside, it can implement wireless data transmission. The fixed-point public opinion monitoring system, as the name suggests, is capable of measuring the latitude and longitude information of the measured point, and at the same time, it can measure the soil moisture change at different time points of the point, that is, the sampling time interval can be set. Then the instrument samples according to the sampling interval and saves the data for supply. Late research.

Monitoring of soil moisture and drought is a major task in agriculture and can promote agriculture. For example, it can increase crop yields and allow crops to grow better and faster. So specifically, what is its role? It can be summarized as three points: 1. Provide a basis for the formulation of drought-resistance measures. Through the monitoring of soil moisture and early-sensation in Nongchuan County, it can provide government departments with effective basic data and information, and provide strong scientific basis and technical support for structural decline, macro-level decision-making, guidance and organization of agricultural production. According to the characteristics of the climate in northern China in the past, the shortage of precipitation, uneven distribution of precipitation, frequent early catastrophes, and the early spring and early autumn development of some regions have caused early catastrophes in successive years, and thus the competent authorities of various regions can use different years. The situation of the early disasters in Jing was judged and the layout of agricultural production was adjusted. 2. Provide the basis for the implementation of agricultural technology. In agricultural production, the selection of varieties, irrigation time, control of irrigation water quantity, statistics on the number of anti-early days, etc., and whether the soil moisture conditions in spring sowing are insufficient, whether it is necessary to adopt anti-early water or other measures to protect the soil; This restriction will lead to the establishment of a fertilization system, etc., and should be based on soil moisture and early-morning monitoring data in Agro-chuan County to provide basis for early disaster reduction, safe production, and scientific planting of Sichuan. 3. Provide a basis for the evaluation of the effectiveness of water resources utilization in agricultural technology. Through the monitoring and research on the law of soil moisture change, it is possible to evaluate the production efficiency and development prospects of different technology models, and to contribute to the selection of efficient agricultural water-saving technologies, improve the efficiency of water resources utilization, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture. With the development of China's agriculture and the implementation of the Western Development Strategy, the research and development of high-efficiency, low-consumption, water-saving technologies and corresponding planting techniques for early-response disaster reduction will surely become the focus of attention of various departments. Through the Agroforestry soil moisture monitoring information accumulation and evolution rules.

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