[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] At the end of December, the fourth conference of 2016 Keli Internet of Things Seminar was held in Ningbo Keli, Zhejiang Province. The Internet of Things subsidiaries, dealers, and distributors throughout the country participated in the seminar with senior leaders of Keli headquarters, R&D center technicians, customer service centers, finance, and human resources, and the IoT business division. The conference focused on the new products of Keli Internet of Things, the upgrade of the Internet of Things software system, customer needs, and the construction of the Keli Internet of Things ecosystem, the company’s management practices, financial regulations, human resource management practices and collaboration, and communication platform construction. The construction of big data, Keli IPO sharing, construction of business teams, development of customer stickiness, and demand mining were discussed.

The meeting took place in two days. On the morning of the 10th, it mainly focused on the development of new ideas for IoT new products, updates on old products, sensors, software systems, and the direction of subsequent improvement, as well as the contents of unattended, differentiated, quality management, and the latest progress of experimental centers. Introduction. In the afternoon, he was given a speech titled "Implementation of Industrial Internet of Things in Ningbo" by the Director of the Information Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After that, it mainly focused on the development of the Keli IoT ecosystem: the corporate governance practices of subsidiaries/agents, financial regulations, Keli IPO sharing, KeLi Data Construction, product design, process management, cost control, and IoT products. System functions, improvement opinions, etc. are introduced, trained and discussed. In the evening of the same day, led by Mr. Ke, the subsidiaries and agents shared market cases and summaries with each other and discussed the resources and resources that Ke Li hoped to provide. The atmosphere was lively and the speeches sprang up.

On the next day, the meeting was chaired by Vice President Zheng, and mainly discussed the selection, education, employment, retention, and Internet of Things marketing strategies, human resources management, and Keli’s collaboration during the construction of the IoT business team. In the afternoon, the company’s president’s assistant and chief of the industrial Internet of Things Hu Quanzhu and the general manager of Lang Automation Automation, who was invited to attend, introduced the industrial networking, logistics internet of things, and after-sales service security system respectively. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ko briefed on the 2017 Internet of Things strategy and coordinated, coordinated, and deployed the contents of the subsidiaries, regions, and units.

Ke Li Internet of Things Symposium came along with the development of Ke Li’s Internet of Things strategy. It is a product of the sharing economy. Although it still retains the original intention of promoting products, it is more common thinking and exploration of the future development of the industry. It is the sharing and integration of enterprise management, marketing, business collaboration, industry specification, customer demand mining, technical service innovation, process quality improvement, and resource coordination and coordination. It is part of Keli IoT ecosystem. It is open and welcomes like-minded friends to join in the joint exploration of a vicious circle of low-price competition to jointly build a win-win industry innovation.

(Original title: Ningbo Keli held the fourth Internet of Things workshop in 2016)

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