[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, an ultrasonic power measurement system independently researched and developed by the Hubei Provincial Institute of Metrology and Measurement has obtained a national utility model patent certificate. The main purpose of this patent is to study new measurement technologies and to solve the problem of using ultrasonic radiation balance to measure ultrasonic power with high environmental requirements and the instrument takes a long time to reach a stable measurement state.

Due to the mechanical, thermal, and physiochemical effects of ultrasound, it can be used in the medical diagnosis and treatment of human body, and its application in the manufacture of medical equipment is increasingly widespread. At the same time, the potential damage of ultrasound to the human body has always been the focus of attention of health care institutions and the public. At present, China mainly uses the Radiation Force Balance method to measure the ultrasonic power. However, as people become more aware of the ultrasound and further improve the safety requirements, the demand for ultrasonic power dynamics and multi-parameter measurement gradually increases. Ultrasonic measurement principles and methods have been urgently updated.

The ultrasonic power measurement system developed by the Hubei Provincial Institute of Metrology integrates the acousto-optic effect and image processing technology. It can realize continuous dynamic measurement of ultrasonic power at different frequencies on the basis of ensuring the true and reliable measurement data, and the measurement will not be performed on the sound field. Disturbance caused by interference, overcoming the influence of irresistible factors such as environmental disturbances and errors in the practical application of traditional radiation balance methods, greatly improving the measurement accuracy and measurement speed of ultrasonic output power, and manufacturing medical and industrial ultrasonic equipment and technology research and development Significant. The Hubei Provincial Metrology Institute will actively promote the transformation of patent applications, promote the ultrasonic power measurement instrument manufacturing industry and medical ultrasound equipment industry innovation and upgrade, and provide stronger protection for medical safety and industrial safety production.

(Original title: Hubei Province Measurement and Testing Technology Research Institute was granted a national utility model patent authorization)

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