Network monitoring has entered all aspects of our lives and has provided powerful help in security prevention and after-sale evidence collection. Surveillance cameras are an important part of network monitoring. What small details need to be taken into account when installing? The following is a list of some excellent transmission products & service providers Feng Runda Xiaobian, for your reference.
The network camera is easy to install and use, only need IP address, network cable, switch, monitor, through the network storage device, you can watch the monitor image through the monitor, you can also use the network cable or wireless through the computer, IPAD, mobile phone through the network IP remote viewing online camera After the camera's video signal is digitized and compressed by the chip, it is transmitted to the web server through the network bus. The user can log in directly using the browser.
Some details of the network camera installation solution
1, the wiring problem
The network camera is installed with the same layout as the analog camera. The coverage of the camera is designed according to the area and the distribution of the buildings. The blind spot is monitored as little as possible. After the point is determined, the wiring problem is considered. When wiring, just use each network camera as a computer to distribute the LAN. If you use standard network cabling methods for wiring, you won't have any problems.
2. How to determine whether to use 100M or Gigabit switch
This is based on the number and stream of IP cameras. The bitstream of the 720P IP camera is about 3M, that of the 960P is about 5M, and that of the 1080P is about 8M. If one of your switches is a 24-port 100M switch, The maximum number of cameras that you can connect to is 720P, which is 24*3=72M. Generally, 80% of the data traffic that we use on the switch is already limited. More than 24 720P machines are recommended to use 1000M switches and Super 6 trunk lines.
3, select the cable
There are tips for choosing the network cable. No matter how good the cable dealers are, we must be clear about the selection of the network cable. This is related to the quality of the entire project. The general recommendation is to use the super-type 5 pure copper wire of the national standard of the 100M network cable. Line with a multimeter to go, the entire box of 300 meters, the end of a single line resistor, not more than 30 ohms, are considered good.
4, network camera installation necessary tools and network detection
"The tools must be sharpened before the work is done." Tools are very important when installing surveillance cameras. A good wire cutter can help a lot, can help you to improve the success rate of 99% of the pressure line; network detection method, DOS under the PING command is to be used; there is IPCONFIG; of course to do Network camera project must bring a laptop, change IP, change the network segment, check the route will indispensable him. Nowadays, smart phones can also be used as Internet hotspots. When it is really impossible, they can use the technology of the manufacturers to access the Internet directly and let them help remotely. It is best to have a laptop when installing and debugging the network DVR.
5, network wiring more than 100 meters how to do?
Provide a few ideas:
The middle plus a switch can be extended by 100 meters, but it is best not to exceed 200 meters;
Optical fiber is the most reliable remote transmission equipment. As far as possible, it uses optical fiber. It can be from 100 meters to 20 kilometers.
100 meters to 3KM If the venue is open, you can use outdoor directional high power wireless bridge docking.
6. Why is it that the distance from the installed camera network cable is only about 30 meters?
If the network camera device itself is not faulty, it will generally be the two cases:
1. The use of low-quality network cable, the poor use of network cable, winding technology is poor, as already mentioned above, no longer elaborate;
2 is the wrong way to do the line, which is a lot of novice frequent problems "My line is measured with the line detector, eight lights are flashing, both sides of the line sequence are the same", brother, please live With the standard 568B wiring method, you are free from worry.
Finally sum up:
1. When there are many network cameras, number the address in advance;
2, Crystal head must be selected, and pressure is strong;
3, the switch is best reserved bandwidth to prevent the screen from stalling;
4, fiber must reserve two cores;
5, inconvenient to take power can use PoE switch power supply (if you need, you can go to Feng Runda understand).

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