President Yan Jianbo blessed the new year at the group general meeting in December and called on all employees to take “strategic lead, innovation-driven, fight for market, process assurance, management control, and surpassing” as the guideline, accelerating the promotion of “Two Strategies” To consolidate the foundation for development, expand the advantages of development, enhance the vitality of development, and fully prepare for the start of the new year's war, and unswervingly advance towards the “5221” strategic goal.

Fast Group's production and operation were perfect in 2016. The annual production and sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan. The operating indicators ranked first in the national gear industry for the 14th consecutive year, and the annual sales of heavy-duty transmissions ranked 11th. It ranks first in the world.

Fast 2016 general meeting Fast 2016 general meeting

On December 31, 2016, the last monthly comprehensive meeting of the Group Corporation in 2016 was held in Xi'an High-tech Factory. Firm leaders such as Yan Jianbo, Ma Xuyao, Li Yan and Wang Xiuju attended the meeting. All middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

General Manager Ma Xuyao ​​presided over the meeting and reported on the quality management, enterprise reforms, projects under construction, etc., in charge of reporting, summarizing and deploying them. All units were required to earnestly convey and implement the arrangements for the deployment of the comprehensive regular meetings and the spirit of Yan Baoqiao’s chairman’s speech. Good 2017 work breakdown, full mobilization, quality and quantity, and strive to achieve a new year of production and business start-up.

2016 production and sales exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark again

In 2016, all the employees of the Group Company experienced difficult and challenging challenges and spent a substantial year. Not only did they resist the stress caused by the ups and downs of the market, but more importantly they fully met the explosive demand of the market and boosted the production and sales of enterprises. Once again, the income exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark and successfully completed the year-end production and operation.

The achievement of the results confirms the analysis of the economic situation of the Central Economic Work Conference on “stabilizing and stabilizing and stabilizing the economy” and provides basic guarantees for enterprises to better grasp the new direction of the “three go ones, one drop and one supplement” task. At the time of the arrival of the old, new corporate news was reported. The company was selected as one of the first batch of "manufacturing champion champion demonstration enterprises" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and S-transmission won the "Suzong Award" for the annual contribution of auto parts. The company was once again selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in Shaanxi and was awarded as an outstanding supplier by many OEMs in the industry. , service providers, quality winning companies. The acquisition of a series of honors is an affirmation of the achievements of the company's scientific and technological innovation, new product research and development, market development and brand publicity by the national and local governments, markets and industries, experts and users. It not only fully demonstrates the level of scientific and technological R&D of the company, but also the ability to control quality. The strength of market competition and brand influence also played a powerful impetus for the advancement of “individualization” and enabled enterprises to make significant progress in strategic landing, scientific management and control, operation management, and deployment of resources.

When the State-owned Enterprise Reform Research Group of the State Council visited the company's Xi'an High-tech Plant, it fully understood the history of corporate reform and development and fully affirmed and highly evaluated the achievements of the company's innovation and development and the good spirit of the employees. At the same time, the company successfully convened a leadership report on middle-level and above-mentioned reports, summed up experiences, looked for gaps, set clear goals, and promoted achievements, and made every effort to create a new situation in which “everyone has an indicator and everyone has a responsibility”.

The company's annual supplier conference through mutual exchanges and communication, to achieve the purpose of understanding the unity, the goal of unification, the unity of action, and laid a good foundation for the establishment of a strategic cooperation system of common endurance, common prosperity and progress. The company’s young assaulters went to Thailand to study and learn and saw the Fast Thai factory successfully export its technology, services, culture and ideas to Southeast Asia, which further enhanced its pride and self-confidence. In general, 2016 was a mixed one, and the “two changes” thought was deeply rooted in people’s minds. The construction of “two changes” was gradually completed. However, the “5221” strategic development was extremely unbalanced and the new pattern had not yet formed. Although the Central Economic Work Conference pointed out the direction of work for the new year, the market situation is volatile and there are many challenges in the development of the industry. The long-term crisis, seizing opportunities, and firmly occupying the commanding heights in the market are the basic ideas for the long-term survival of the enterprise. In the face of limited market space for the heavy truck market next year, we must firmly grasp the strategy of “strategic lead, innovation drive, fight for the market, process assurance, management and landing, to achieve beyond” 24 word policy, profound understanding, scientific implementation, and make every effort to make a good start in the new year To achieve a good start for the new year.

The global economy is showing mild growth

In the fourth quarter of 2016, the global economy still maintained a moderate growth. The growth of the US economy is picking up. The Fed’s rate hike has a greater impact on the developing countries, especially emerging economies with weaker economic foundations. Although the domestic economy is not alone, its impact is limited. European truck giants acknowledged that the joint price monopoly may face a huge claim of 100 billion yuan; German public high-end car emissions are suspected of being fraudulent, and the "emission gate" incident has begun to fluctuate again. This series of events once again proves that honesty is supreme and management according to law is a basic principle for an enterprise to achieve sustainable development. It is also an inevitable choice for the development of the rule of law. Faced with numerous uncertainties, the company can only respond to various challenges by relying on reform and innovation, perfecting its institutional mechanisms, strengthening its basic management, comprehensively benchmarking international standards, continuously expanding its development advantages, continuously enhancing its core competitiveness, and continuously expanding its brand influence. To overcome various difficulties and realize the long-term development of the company. As the United States withdraws from manual vehicles, international component giants focus on future technologies, and the global automotive industry becomes intelligent, automated, and high-end customized. As a result, Farsight requires forward-thinking thinking to sharply capture business opportunities and quickly make up for shortcomings. , enhance development stamina.

National Five Emission Standards National Five Emission Standards

Looking at the domestic auto market, the implementation of the national five emission standards will be counted down. High-horsepower, low-speed, intelligent, and lightweight products will become the users' first choice. The troops and horses did not start to feed the grain first. All employees of the company had to prepare for the rainy day and prepare in advance, and went all out to do a good job in the production of S transmissions, which helped them become another weapon to seize the "National Five" market. This year's domestic car companies have taken Thailand as their breakthrough point to deploy the Southeast Asian market. This shows that Fast has established a Thai factory in a forward-looking manner and the future development is indispensable. Pure electric and other new energy vehicles are still the focus of the domestic auto industry. Fast new energy products must be urgently needed, accelerate new product R&D and marketing, and keep up with industry development trends. Affected by the international market, although domestic commercial vehicle exports are not optimistic this year, auto parts companies have successfully achieved “merger and acquisition type breakthrough”, not only harvesting technology, channels and markets, but also harvesting talent cultivation mechanisms and a large number of outstanding talents. Special "going out" provides more valuable experience.

Stable monetary policy, loose investment policy Stable monetary policy, loose investment environment

The government issued the “Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Book” to fully liberalize foreign investment in the auto parts market. At the same time, the monetary policy is stable and the investment environment is loose. In the face of the adjustment of national policies, companies must pay close attention to and use them flexibly. They must also prepare for danger in times of peace, temper their internal strength, and on the basis of consolidating the achievements of current development, pay attention to new forms of business, add new vitality, and create new economic growth points. Industry leading position.

Mooring Winch is in ship berthing ships or boats moored in dock stopping also can run effectively, and has many functions such as in loading and unloading process to drift, supporting and positioning of the role, also in constant tension adjusting vibration compensation of deviations. The application of the mooring winch which is installed on the shore to load or unload the mooring winch is a constant tension adjustment characteristic.

Winch according to the power is divided into three categories: manual, electric, hydraulic.

Winch according to the function can be divided into: Marine winch, winch, mine winch, cable winch, etc..

Photo of our Mooring Winch:

Mooring Winch

Marine winch can be divided into: mooring winch, winch, winch, winch etc..

According to the drum form is divided into single and double drum.

In accordance with the distribution of the drum is divided into parallel double drum and front and rear double drum.


Main technical parameters

Mooring Winch

manual winches

Handle rotary manual winch drive mechanism is arranged on the stopper (ratchet and pawl), heavy things can be kept at the needed position. A safety handle and a brake should also be provided for the manual winch assembly or lifting of heavy loads. Manual winch is generally used in the area of small, poor facilities or no power supply.

Electric winch

Electric winch is widely used in heavy workload and the need for greater traction. Single drum electric winch (Figure) of the motor speed reducer drive drum, motor and reducer input shaft between the brake. In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction and rotation and other operations, there are double drum and multi drum device of the winch. General rated load of less than 10T of the winch can be designed to be an electric winch.

Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic winch is the main rated load of the winch, under normal circumstances 10T above to 5000T of the winch design into a hydraulic winch.

The structure is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low speed or high speed motor), hydraulic normally closed multi disc brake, planetary gear box, clutch (optional), roll, support shaft, frame, press line device (optional). Hydraulic motor with high mechanical efficiency, large starting torque, and according to the requirements of working conditions with different distributor, can also according to user needs to design the valve group directly integrated in motor oil distributor, such as with the balance valve, the overload valve, high pressure shuttle valve, control valve or other performance of valve group, brake, a planetary gear box installed directly in drum, drum, a supporting shaft, frame according to the requirements of mechanical design, the overall structure is simple and reasonable and has sufficient strength and rigidity. Thus the series winch in the structure is compact, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, and the like, in performance has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise, reliable operation, etc.. Worth mentioning is hydraulic motor high volumetric efficiency and the sun company quality balance valve to solve the winches are generally secondary decline and empty hook jitter phenomenon, making the upgrade of the series hydraulic winch, decentralization and smooth braking process, with a winch clutch can realize free downward. Integrated valve group is arranged in the valve plate is effectively simplified hydraulic system users. Because the series winch has the advantages, it is widely used in ships, railways, Construction Machinery, petroleum, geological exploration, metallurgy and other industries, its excellent performance has been recognized by the user.

Example: installation on the helicopter rescue equipment, main function is will persons or things to be lifted and lowered, its own power, can control the helicopter in maintaining a hover height, by hand winch control can retractable steel rope, to a person or thing lifted down.

Mooring Winch

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