On December 28, the 2016 China Brand Annual Awards was announced in Beijing. 35 domestic enterprises in various fields won the "China Brand Annual Award NO.1". The winner of the tire industry is Double Star Tire.

In addition, Double Star Tire won the "Top Ten Influential Brand in China's Tire Industry" with its first place.

The other nine brands are exquisite, Fengshen, Triangular, Chaoyang, Zhengxin, Double Money, Chengshan, Sai Jinyu and Wanli.

The "China Brands of the Year Award" is hailed as the "Oscar" of the Chinese brand community and has been held for 13 consecutive years.

The award was issued by the authoritative World Brand Lab.

The World Brand Lab is an international and professional brand research institute. It is chaired by Professor Robert Mundell, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics and the father of the euro.

The laboratory is wholly-owned by the World Entrepreneurial Group, a global strategy consulting company, and is committed to brand assessment, brand communications and brand management.

Its research results are an important basis for the evaluation of intangible assets in the M&A process.

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