Automakers exhibiting low enthusiasm The 10th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition public visit day is in progress. Although the Guangzhou Auto Show has recently been affected by the environment, the industry is not optimistic, but the actual data show that the scale of this auto show has not shrunk, the number of first-generation vehicles did not decrease. However, compared with Japanese brands hoping to snatch up the market, the overall exhibition strength of self-owned brands has significantly weakened.

It is understood that after the implementation of restrictions on purchases in Guangzhou, the sales of self-owned brand cars in the local market have decreased significantly, and it takes a lot of costs to participate in the auto show, and it is actually “not worthwhile” for independent brands, and it is not difficult to understand why the independent brand exhibitors’ enthusiasm Not high. In previous years, self-owned brands participated in the Guangzhou Auto Show in order to establish a brand image and increase awareness in order to boost sales in South China. This year, after the sales of independent brands have been affected by policy restrictions, it is difficult for independent brands to exhibit enthusiastically.

Prior to this, there are independent brand car companies who will not participate in this year's Guangzhou auto show. According to the “Automobile News” report, there are independent brand leaders who say “it takes 4 to 5 million to participate in the auto show. We are not able to afford it. However, after the measure, we intend to give the dealers in Guangzhou their feedback. By". Spending money on giving back to consumers may be better for an independent branded company than participating in the auto show.

The market for self-owned brands has fallen to less than 30%. According to data recently published in the People's Daily, in July this year, the market share of self-owned brand cars fell to 24.31%, a record low since September 2008. With the shrinking of self-owned brand auto market, joint ventures and foreign brands have occupied nearly 60% of the passenger car market in China. In terms of sales and profit, the market share of joint ventures and foreign brands occupying high-end market share will still exceed this proportion. The joint venture brands represented by Nissan Machi and Chevrolet New Sail also continue to explore the low-end market of 100,000 yuan and further squeeze the market of their own brands. Behind this dilemma, domestic large-scale car companies almost all join the ranks of joint ventures, and joint venture brands have even become the main brand of the car companies and the company's major profit points.

Xu Changming, director of the Information Resource Development Department of the National Information Center, said that in recent years, the market share of China's self-owned brand autos has been declining, and it has dropped by 1 to 2 percentage points each year. Regarding the reason why self-owned brands have lost to joint venture brands, Xu Changming believes that the biggest problem is that the pace of quality improvement of independent brands does not match the expectations of consumers for quality requirements.

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