LED has been developed as a strategic emerging industry for 10 years. Starting from the start of the national semiconductor lighting project in 2003, the industrial scale was from 9 billion yuan to the output value of 200 billion yuan last year, and 19 companies with LED as their main business listed. From the National 863 Program of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan to the Ten Cities of the Ministry of Science and Technology, from the "Opinions on Semiconductor Lighting Energy Conservation Industry" jointly issued by the six ministries and commissions to the State Council's "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry", the State has given the LED semiconductor industry Vigorous support and guided the development of the industry with a large number of preferential policies. In the first half of this year alone, the local government issued a total of 14 preferential policies and tilting resource policies for land, taxation, and financial subsidies.
According to the analysis of the National Semiconductor Industry Alliance, the key technologies of LED lighting are constantly improving. In 2012, the industrialization of silicon-based LED chips with independent intellectual property rights has reached 130lm/w, and the replacement ratio of domestic chip imports has reached 72 last year. LED semiconductor lighting Industry standards have also gradually improved, and manufacturers and scholars in Guangdong and Taiwan are actively promoting the standardization of LED lighting. Looking back at 2012, the industrial chain has been relatively complete, the industry has begun to take shape, the annual output value has reached 200 billion, and the overall output value in the first half of 2013 has increased by 25, and the industrial scale has continued to grow.
In terms of lighting applications, the scale of demonstration applications has reached 152 billion yuan in 2012, which is the fastest growing link in the industry chain. For example, the Water Cube of the 2008 Olympic Games has realized the world's largest full-color variable scene LED landscape lighting case for the first time. , Node 70, in 2012, the LED energy-saving lighting renovation of the Great Hall of the People in the Great Hall of the People and surrounding conference rooms, the illuminance increased by 40, the energy consumption decreased by 75, the scale and product level of these successful demonstration projects Has been leading the world.
Referring to the lighting market data from 2007 to 2013, the output growth rate of LED lamps is around 30. The penetration rate of the LED lighting market in 2013 has far exceeded the forecast of 10. last year. At the same time, the advancement of technology has led to a decline in LED manufacturing costs. Let the price of the product drop at a rate of 20-30 or more per year, and the price of the LED can already be accepted by ordinary people. At present, the lighting products on the market are still dominated by road lighting and commercial lighting, but in the next 2-3 years, home lighting will occupy the mainstream lighting market, and will occupy a market share of around 40 by 2016, and will reach 70 or so by 2020. Become the most important application area. According to analysis, the current indoor lighting is dominated by bulbs and straight tube lamps, and the market share accounts for more than 60. The product structure is still dominated by traditional lighting products.
In the outbreak of this LED lighting market, there are four sources of this market, such as stable project sources, mature and stable project operation capabilities, strong capital advances and payment capabilities, and stable quality and price advantages. Important conditions. Taking the Sichuan market as an example, the replacement market for road lighting has just started. The replacement market for road and tunnel lighting is still basically at rest. In Chengdu alone, there are more than 100,000 baht replacement markets that need to be developed and projected to the whole country. The replacement of the tens of billions of markets in the past 1-3 years is still the mainstream. The only problem is who can eat this cake.
The core competitiveness of the company is the first listed company with LED semiconductor application as its main business. It is also the largest listed company that focuses on lighting applications and has strong financial strength. 16 years of LED R & D application experience, with national accredited laboratory CNAS and Qinshang's own semiconductor research institute, more than 400 industry patents, with a large-scale production base, can achieve large procurement, large logistics, the highest production at the lowest cost Quality products. Qinshang has an experienced and excellent marketing team focusing on LED lighting applications for project operation. It has mature and stable EMC project operation and management capabilities. It is the comprehensive solution for semiconductor lighting applications with the highest engineering specifications and the most projects in China. Business.
Since 2010, Qinshang has cooperated with China Southern Power Grid and Local City Planning Bureau, and has successfully operated energy-saving renovation of 160 million commercial lighting including Guangbai Group, 46,000 LED streetlight renovation in Qingyuan, and energy saving of 15,000 Yingde City projects. 23 mature EMC projects, such as renovation and deep high-speed 120km road lighting energy-saving renovation, have become one of the most mature EMC project operators in the market.
Market Opportunities and Challenges According to the data of the national authoritative analysis institutions, the annual lighting market of traditional lighting will continue to be replaced within 10 years, and all the LED products will be replaced by LEDs. For the cake in the LED lighting market, the engineering channel is still the main battlefield for lighting applications in the next 3-5 years. Deepening channel construction and improving sales combat power must be the most important tasks for lighting manufacturers in 2014.
According to the current LED market situation, channel construction can be divided into engineering channels, batch and zero channels, e-commerce channels and foreign trade channels.
The foreign trade channel is currently the main channel or even the only channel for the survival of many LED companies. It is a good choice for corporate strategy to do a good job in foreign markets. There is no need to adapt to the complex market needs of the domestic market, customer response, customer relationship, marketing characteristics and many other non-formal marketing factors, no need to invest in building brands, developing domestic channels, building a huge marketing team.
E-commerce channel is a new channel method. For most non-mass retail brand LED companies, it will not be the main channel form of enterprises for a long time. E-commerce channels will have more and more profound influence on mass consumer products. The impact on the impact of traditional retail stores is becoming more and more obvious. For LED companies to do their own positioning, if you concentrate on doing consumer products that are suitable for retail, it is also a good choice, such as focusing on home retail light sources, downlights, ceiling lights, ceiling lamps, table lamps, etc.
The batch-to-zero channel has gradually started in 2013. The traditional lighting manufacturers such as Euro P, N Shi, S Xiong and other companies have started rapid product transformation, and the LED products have penetrated into their original distribution stores. The effect is obvious, if LED lighting products The technology development and manufacturing will be able to gain an advantage in the future market. For professional LED lighting companies, the channel and brand advantages of traditional lighting companies are the challenges they need to face. The slower the action, the greater the pressure, the unclear thinking is either waiting for death or quickly finding death.
In the middle and upper reaches of the LED, the industrial chain advantage is used to expand the application field. It is hoped that the product technology and performance will be reduced to reduce the cost of the product, thus improving the cost performance of the product. Other building materials enterprises will expand the LED lighting market by using the channel to expand across the LED lighting channel. Step by step, push its LED lighting products.
Qinshang Optoelectronics, a manufacturer specialized in LED lighting from the beginning to the end, foreign trade channels have also occupied an important proportion in the past. The performance of the domestic market with the lighting of the Great Hall of the People in the Great Hall of the People, Shenzhen Jingji 100 Building as a whole After a large number of large-scale and high-profile model projects, such as lighting and lighting, deep high-speed street lamps and giant display screens in Tiananmen Square, we will focus on deepening the construction of domestic channels, carry out large-scale LED lighting market promotion, and enter the wholesale and retail channels. In 2013, five large-scale investment promotion conferences were held in Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Hangzhou, Taiyuan and Chengdu. More than 150 cooperative merchants were successfully signed, and more than 800 merchants in the country have developed batch and zero channels. In terms of e-commerce channels, the brand's M&A marriage has marked the quiet rise of LED e-commerce channels. Since September this year, the Tmall flagship store has been officially opened, and it has achieved good results in three months. However, the most important battlefield in the next three to five years is still in the engineering market. The following is mainly the analysis of engineering channels.
Since the launch of the National Semiconductor Lighting Project in 2003, the country’s ten-city, national 863 plan, and six ministries’ semiconductor lighting industry plans have driven the battlefield of engineering channels to be enthusiastic and prosperous. The big cakes are all going through all kinds of tough battles without exception. In contrast, many manufacturers have single-handed guerrilla tactics, such as those who are good at EMC and EMBT project operations, such as diligently, combined with strong EMC operations such as China Southern Power Grid, combined into a modern regular force to continue in the replacement market. Position battles, and gained a lot of success stories and operational experience. In the past year, Qinshang Optoelectronics won the project through BMC or EMBT: Guangbai Department Store lighting renovation, the amount of 150 million yuan; Qingyuan street lamp renovation 120 million yuan; Hebei Zhangye high-speed tunnel lamp 30 million; Yingde street lamp 40 million Maoming street lamp 50 million; Guangzhou street lamp 50 million; Zhanjiang street lamp 30 million; Foshan Shishan street lamp 40 million huge replacement market, EMC or EMBT mode will be the main business model to replace the market, Qinshang Optoelectronics has mature business model Operational experience and the best operational team in the country will occupy a larger market share in the next three to five years.
LED lighting application market prospects are very broad, consumer science education is still not mature, so that the industry profits are relatively rich, at the same time, the industry brand camp is still not clear, the business has absolute initiative, the choice of the right manufacturers has laid a successful basis. However, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of LED lighting products, homogenization competition leads to a decline in profits, and it is also necessary to take into account the rising store rents and labor costs, coupled with the impact of e-commerce on some retailers, Words must be the biggest challenge. For LED manufacturers, combining their own resources and areas of expertise, and taking advantage of their own advantages, clarifying ideas for short-term and long-term development planning, avoiding blind follow-up, can truly occupy a place in this LED channel war, Or can be unique in this chaos!

FRP various molding processes

The composite molding process is the basis and condition for the development of the composites industry. With the widening of the application field of composite materials, the composite material industry has been rapidly developed, its old molding process is improving day by day, and new molding methods are emerging. At present, there are more than 20 polymer-based materials forming methods, and successfully For industrial production.

The pressing process of the hydraulic press is to first form the shape of the material on the female mold, the male mold or the counter mold, and then obtain the product by heating or curing at room temperature, and then performing auxiliary processing after demolding.

FRP Molding Hydraulic Press

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