At present, there are examples of the application of the planetary gear transmission with less tooth difference to the winch. The application of the involute and less tooth difference planetary transmission on the winch adopts the KHV type small tooth difference planetary gear transmission structure, and the winch roller and the internal gear pair are integrated into one. The two external gears are mounted on the eccentric shaft 180° apart from each other and mesh with the internal gear to counteract the eccentric force on the shaft. The power is input from the left end and the drum is output.
The main factors affecting the transmission design of the gear mechanism are the selection of the gear displacement coefficient Zibo electric drum, the tooth top height coefficient and the meshing angle. In addition, it can be seen from the literature [1] that the use of non-standard tooth angles has a significant effect on improving the transmission efficiency.
Comparing the results of optimized design with conventional design, we know that:
1) Optimized involute less tooth difference Planetary gear adopts non-standard tooth angle Zibo dust collector, positive displacement, ultra short teeth, and is a positive transmission.
2) Both the inner and outer gears adopt a large positive displacement, the root thickness is obviously increased, and the ultra-short tooth system is adopted, so that the bending strength of the root is also improved.
3) The life of the slewing bearing has always been a weak link in the planetary gear with less tooth difference. The optimization result makes the meshing angle significantly reduced, thus also improving the life of the yoke bearing.
4) The gear pair meshing efficiency is increased by 2.74, and the material required to manufacture the gear is reduced by 24.95.

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