The pulverizer has an extremely important role in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the pharmaceutical machine industry, a new type of traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer, the ultrafine pulverizer, has emerged. With its advantages, the device has achieved great application and development in the pharmaceutical field.

Actually, the ultrafine crusher has just been developed and used in the industrial scale. However, with the continuous updating of skills, it has now become accustomed to many fields. The production of ultrafine powders of Chinese medicines by many pharmaceutical companies has reached the scale of production capacity, which has filled the domestic market. The blank of category has a milestone meaning for the development of ultrafine crushing equipment.

After ultrafine pulverization, traditional Chinese medicine can increase its bioavailability. The particle size of the Chinese medicine is even and fine, the specific surface area increases, the porosity increases, the medicine can be well dispersed and dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluid, and the contact area with the intestinal tract is increased, and it is more easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, whether it is external use. The patches, or capsules taken orally, can be used in smaller doses to achieve the original efficacy after ultra-micro crushing. For mineral medicines, equivalent to a part of water-insoluble substances, after ultramicro treatment, due to greatly reduced particle size, Can increase its dissolution in the body, absorption rate, increase its absorption.

In addition, after ultrafine crushing of traditional Chinese medicines, raw materials can be saved to a great extent. The smaller doses can be used to obtain the efficacy of the original prescription. The general medicines, after ultrafine pulverization, can be processed without leaching, decoction, etc., thereby reducing the loss of active ingredients in the production process and maximizing the use of raw materials.

It is understood that due to the extremely high fineness of the ultrafine pulverizer, it can reach the level of cell wall breaking, and the cell wall breaking rate of medicinal materials is generally 95%. Therefore, the scope of application in drug research and clinical application is more extensive, especially in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, ultrafine pulverizer is in the vigorous development.

As a very important processing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, traditional Chinese medicine grinders play a very important role in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Therefore, related companies must innovate and improve the traditional Chinese medicine grinders to improve their performance and efficiency.

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