This time, Samsung announced Galaxy Note 3 in Germany. The main expectation is to reinvigorate the experience of using mobile phones as notebooks. Therefore, in addition to the imitation of leather material on the back cover of the device, it will be closer to the touch of a notebook, and it will also be added to S Pen applications. More rapid and intuitive operation features. After the conference, we also made a brief real machine experience.
Although the Galaxy Note 3 will increase the screen to 5.7 inches, but because it is to lengthen the ratio of length and width, so the width is actually the same with the Note II, and will not affect the overall grip. As for the original factory in the back cover plus imitation leather material adhesion design, plus the edge of the bevel design, in fact, but also to improve the grip, but the material may increase the difficulty of mobile phone film. In terms of overall design, the Galaxy Note 3 adopts the Founder design, which is less important than the previous Note II's use of rounded edge design, thus giving people a more masculine and business atmosphere. However, the pink version of Samsung's simultaneous launch seems to reduce many masculine odors, perhaps after listing will successfully attract women to use the group.
This time also provides different processor designs for the LTE market area, so Europe and the United States will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz processor version, and corresponding to 4K video quality; South Korea and Asia, etc., are currently new The Exynos 5 octa 1.9GHz specification is predominant. While the first Exynos 5 octa processor equipped with the Galaxy S 4 is prone to heat, ARM had thought that Samsung did not completely adjust the application of the big.LITTLE technology. Therefore, the Cortex-A15 core cannot transfer computing resources to the Cortex-A7. , operating with less computing resources. Samsung said that it has already been able to mitigate some of the heat problems through firmware revisions. For the new Exynos 5 octa 1.9GHz processor, there is currently a good switching efficiency between large and small core computing resources.
In the Galaxy Note 3, the main focus is on the integration of the S Pen related applications, including the new sensor shortcut ring interface, you can always call all-around stickers, fast Memo, all-power search, all-round window and upgrade S Note fixed The quick function allows users to quickly and easily connect to applications such as data, notes, and storage by writing. If you want to say the shortcomings, it is that these functions must be started with the S Pen Pen of WACOM technology. If the pen is accidentally lost, it will be a little troublesome. This time with the addition of new multi-window 2.0, voice recording and other applications, plus the sensible shortcut ring interface that was previously activated in resident mode, the Galaxy Note 3 must also be equipped with more memory capacity, which is sufficient to cope with the multiple window wear system. Resources. However, because the ARM hardware platform has limited support for memory addressing, the Galaxy Note 3 only has 3GB of memory and does not directly carry 4GB of capacity, but it is quite adequate for most current applications.
With regard to this change in the Galaxy Note 3, in addition to the enhancement of the internal hardware performance, it is mainly due to the high integration of the software operation interface and the S Pen, allowing the user to directly record the content, find the file, or even double-click through the operation of the pen. The window opens two groups of apps at the same time and executes multiple widgets simultaneously. As for the expansion of the 5.7-inch screen portion, Samsung said that it is mainly seen in the market that more and more people accept large-size mobile phones, and indeed there are also many manufacturers have gradually entered the 5-inch or more, and even beyond the 6-inch screen design, but because of the Note series In addition, S Pen's multi-element integration application has indeed attracted the consumer market.
Experienced Galaxy Note 3 for a short time, only to experience the information provided at the conference, plus the Snapdragon 800 version displayed at the IFA 2013 in Germany. Therefore, it is not yet possible to confirm that the Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with Exynos 5 octa 1.9GHz. Whether the commercial version of Galaxy Note 3 can be easily improved overheating may be further compared at the time of publication.

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