Noise detector welcomes opportunities According to the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, key cities should set up an automatic environmental noise monitoring system. The construction of an automatic noise monitoring system will not only enhance the city's acoustic environmental quality monitoring capability, but will also bring development opportunities for noise monitoring instrument manufacturers and third-party inspections.

Tianjin: "Ears" automatically detect noise

It was learned from the Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that four sets of noise automatic monitoring stations were all installed and put into operation in recent days. Compared with previous artificial noise monitoring, these automatic monitoring stations are like “electronic ear”, which realizes the automatic collection and analysis of noise data and provides data support for noise prevention and control. It is reported that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Tianjin plans to install 20 sets of "Ear Ears" to achieve full coverage of the functional areas.

Chongqing promulgates "Chongqing Municipal Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention Regulations"

The newly promulgated "Chongqing Municipal Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Measures" will be formally implemented on May 1. The new regulations will provide noise for urban traffic, nighttime construction, motor vehicle inspections, commercial entertainment tweeters and other noise, especially for the sale of new commercial housing. The publicity system was clearly defined.

In Chongqing City, 21 functional environmental noise automatic monitoring stations have been established in the 9 districts of the main city. Using automatic monitoring equipment, the municipal environmental protection department can monitor and analyze the environmental noise data from these sites at the first time. At the same time, Chongqing Municipality will also rely on these environmental noise automatic monitoring points to build an automatic noise monitoring and warning system.

According to reports, as an important part of the automatic noise monitoring and early warning system, an automatic monitoring system for environmental noise in the functional areas of Chongqing’s main city has been formed. It uses advanced monitoring equipment to realize real-time data monitoring and recording of noise, and can detect and analyze the environment through data. The characteristics of noise, determine the source of noise. In the 21 noise monitoring stations that have been built, automatic noise monitoring equipment has been installed. It is sensitive to these noise sources and traffic noise through a sound level meter (measuring instrument with sound level) and a computer that serves as a data acquisition task. Point data can be uploaded, stored, and managed in real time.

Shanghai promulgates "Measures for Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution in Shanghai's Social Life"

The "Measures for the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution in Shanghai's Social Life" was implemented on March 1st, focusing on the identification of noise standards in public places and residential areas, the interpretation of noise pollution punishment methods, etc., and encouraging community residents to protect their environmental rights and interests through legal means. Strive to create a quiet and harmonious community environment.

Xi'an built the province's first automatic noise monitoring station

Xi'an built the province's first automatic noise monitoring substation and began trial operation. The substation can continuously and automatically monitor the noise type and noise source. The real-time monitoring data can be immediately transmitted to the city environmental monitoring station background monitoring platform.

The noise monitoring station of Handan City Plaza is located in the class 0 acoustic environment functional area of ​​Xi’an City. The environmental noise limit is 50 decibels in daytime and 40 decibels in nighttime. Once the noise in the area exceeds the standard, the automatic noise monitoring substation will start the recording function, record the noise source causing noise pollution, and timely transmit it to the monitoring platform of the municipal environmental monitoring station.

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