Nowadays, many parking lots are equipped with parking lot management systems. They are generally designed as one-in-one-out vehicle access management system, and one card issuing and data query management center. What is the significance of the parking lot management system?
1. Improve service quality and facilitate management of vehicles in and out;
2. Prevent car theft and ensure the safety of the vehicle. According to the card access, car presets, camera image comparison, etc., to ensure the safety of the vehicle parking lot from different degrees of analysis;
3. Prevent the occurrence of unreasonable collection, low collection, and leakage of parking fees;
4. Improve work efficiency, reduce manual workload, and reduce labor costs;
5. Preventing bad behavior such as private parking fees;
The parking lot management system has powerful data processing functions, fast and accurate analysis of data, and can also complete the setting of different parameters of the charge management system, data collection and statistical analysis, and automatically manage various cards of the card issuing system. It can also automatically report the lost card to the lost card, help us print detailed statistical reports, and facilitate our reference table of data tables.

Rotary Damper is mainly aimed at damping control of the motion of some parts in the direction of rotation, ensure that the rotary motion is achieved in soft, silent and safe environment. Rotary damper according to the rotation angle, rotary damper can be divided into more than 360 degrees circular rotation  angle and limit  rotation angle. Different types according to  the installation type of the product, rotary damper can be divided into Barrel Damper, Vane Damper, stop damper, Gear Damper ,  Disk Damper and Shaft Damper etc. ABD rotary dampers  are used to dampen drives, control speed, and many other applications. 

Our rotary dampers are widely used in automobile interior decoration, household electric appliances, furniture, invisible screens, theater seats and bathroom products, etc. ABD damper is conducive to performing structural movement in soft, silent and safe environment, mitigating impact load, avoiding strike damage, prolonging mechanical life, reducing noise disturbance, improving product quality and improve customer satisfaction.

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Vane Damper

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