With the development of agriculture, some changes have taken place in the production of agriculture. Traditional individual planting is gradually shifting to family farms, cooperatives and enterprises. With the expansion of planting scale, production sites must not only strictly control production. At the same time, we must pay attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products. In this context, it is the first choice of these production departments to adopt more green and environmental protection methods to kill insects and control them. At present, solar insecticidal lamps, as green environmental protection products for physical control, are gradually becoming a suitable method for green control of farm pests.

Solar insect killer

The current focus of plant protection is not only to control insecticides, but also to carry out plant protection operations in a green and environmentally friendly way to ensure the safety of the agricultural production environment and the quality and safety of crops. Therefore, one of the important goals of current farm production is to reduce drug control. . In order to achieve the goal, the farm adopts a variety of methods to carry out green indicators, including biological control and physical control. Among them, solar insecticidal lamps use a physical control technology, which is safe and green, and solar insecticidal lamps. Easy to install, easy to manage, no need to pull wires to the field, low cost of use, arbitrarily large, easy to move, can be placed in any place, save electricity costs, and reduce labor costs, so the farm develops green For prevention and control, solar insecticidal lamps are usually chosen.

The solar insecticidal lamp has a wide range of insecticides and a large area of ​​control. It can play a very strong trapping effect against many kinds of insect pests generated during farm planting. It can effectively control the pest base and density, reduce the number of doses and The amount of medication not only saves costs but also protects the environment. Therefore, the application of solar insecticidal lamps on the farm can effectively enhance the farm's ability to cope with various pests, and at the same time help the farm to vigorously promote green planting, improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, and achieve important goals such as improving quality and efficiency.

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