As is well known, indoor positioning refers to the positional positioning of objects or people in an indoor environment. In recent years, with the improvement of the accuracy of indoor positioning technology, indoor positioning provides very accurate location information data for the retail, manufacturing, medical, robotics and other industries, and has become an important foundation in the Internet of Things era. It is undeniable that the future is the era of the Internet of Things, and indoor positioning technology, as the underlying foundation of the Internet of Things-aware network, can naturally achieve greater market opportunities.
The difference between UWB system and traditional narrowband system
Compared with the traditional narrow-band system, the ultra-wideband system has the advantages of strong penetrating power, low power consumption, good multi-path resistance, high safety, low system complexity, and accurate positioning accuracy. Therefore, UWB technology can be applied to indoor stationary or moving objects as well as human positioning tracking and navigation.
UWB technology is also widely used in coal mining enterprises. Huake Electric KJ725 mine precision personnel positioning management system is designed and developed by UWB technology. The positioning accuracy can reach 10cm, which can accurately locate personnel in real time, and integrate risk control and video linkage. Historical track playback, personnel management, electronic fence, various behavior monitoring, emergency rescue and other functions as one, can help the mine to solve the following industry pain points:
Remote monitoring
The KJ725 Mine Precision Personnel Positioning Management System updates position information in real time to achieve real-time precise positioning of people, vehicles and equipment. And can be linked with the video, video tracking of personnel or materials, to observe the situation of each area at any time and anywhere, to facilitate real-time management, and effectively protect the safety of personnel and materials.
Risk Management
Coal mining is a high-risk industry, and the probability of a safety accident is high. The KJ725 mine precise personnel positioning management system can effectively help coal mine enterprises achieve risk management. The mine can set up electronic fences in dangerous areas and important areas to manage the rights of employees to prevent employees from entering the dangerous areas. It can also conduct various behavior monitoring for coal mine workers, including overtime monitoring, crowd monitoring, stationary monitoring, etc. , all-round intelligent management, improve management quality and reduce the occurrence of security incidents.
Emergency management
In the event of a security incident, personnel can use the location identification card that they wear to make emergency assistance. The dispatching manager can also page the personnel to remind the underground workers to pay attention or issue the evacuation order. The management personnel can also view the location information of the owner through the positioning system to ensure that all personnel have left the danger zone. Rescue workers can also rescue according to the location of personnel to improve rescue efficiency.

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