People rely on clothes horse saddle, the appearance of packaging for all walks of life are very important, with the arrival of the concept of Industry 4.0, the packaging has gradually become high-end, smart packaging began to walk into people's vision.

To say intelligent packaging where intelligent, for example, the food packaging, its intelligence means that the protection of food safety, testing the quality of food, or authenticity, to the maximum extent possible to protect the interests of consumers, to achieve product traceability . At present, smart packaging as a new industry, its development is still immature.

RFID smart packaging technology to make product packaging better!

Smart packaging market prospects

Freedonia, a well-known market research agency in the United States, has published a study titled "Active and Intelligent Packaging," saying that as the aging population progresses, the trend toward intelligent packaging market in the United States is on the rise. It is estimated that in 2017, the market value of the US intelligent packaging will reach 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. In the next three years, the compound annual growth rate will be 8%.

High production efficiency, high degree of automation, reliability, flexibility and high technical content of the packaging equipment is the industry has been the pursuit. To create a new type of packaging machinery, packaging machinery to lead the integrated, efficient and intelligent is the general direction of future development.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the future application of microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technologies and new materials in packaging machinery will be more and more widely applied. All enterprises must learn and introduce new technologies urgently.

Freedonia said that in order to meet the special needs of the elderly on the product packaging, some new smart packaging products are constantly flocking to the market. "With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more innovative product packaging has taken the road to commercialization, and in the coming years, the market prospect of intelligent packaging will be very promising and its application fields will continue to expand and deepen." Freedonia Market Analyst EstherPalevsky said.

It is predicted that with the aging of the United States increasingly prominent, pharmaceutical packaging is expected to become the country's next few years the country's fastest growing intelligent packaging market applications.

Currently used smart packaging technology

RFID Technology and Labeling RFID RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology that automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can be performed in various harsh environments without human intervention. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple electronic labels, the operation is quick and easy.

Air Strut for Range Rover Sport  


1.OEM No. RPD501110

2. Model: used for Range Rover Sport

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name:HARWAY

OEM No.:RPD501110

Model:Used for Range Rover Sport

Feature:Air Suspension,Air Strut,air spring,Shock Absorber,Luftfedern

Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,paypal

Delivery date:Efficient delivery after payment

Air Suspension Shock For Land Rover

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