Recently, Tencent Finance has learned from authoritative sources that in the C-round financing of Weilai Automobile, Baidu and Weilai Automobile reached an agreement, and Baidu plans to become an investor of Weilai Automobile with US$100 million. Tencent Finance could not be informed of Baidu’s share of shares in Weilai Automobile.
On March 3, Tencent Finance asked Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong to verify the matter. Li Yanhong declined to comment on Tencent Finance. Tencent Finance and the director of Weilai Automobile Public Relations Department Wan Rui verified this matter, Wan Rui also declined to comment.
Baidu has been developing unmanned technology for a long time. Baidu also claimed that it would not build a car, mainly responsible for the software part, and plans to provide its partners with unmanned vehicle sensor modules and autopilot brains. According to sources, Baidu shares in Weilai Automobile, and Baidu's driverless technology can be applied to Weilai's products in the future.
Tencent Finance learned that in addition to Baidu, some of the former shareholders of Weilai Automobile also participated in the C-round investment of Weilai Automobile.

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