Grease, commonly known as "butter", is widely used in industries such as industry, automotive, construction, and shipping. Whether it is applied to truck wheel bearings or industrial bearings, it is faced with harsh conditions. Taking trucks as an example, we should select “butter” that meets the main characteristics of its working conditions in order to achieve a lubricating effect with less effort.

High temperature: During running, due to the frequent use of brakes, the brake hub generates a large amount of heat and is transmitted to the bearings. In high temperatures, the temperature can reach up to 100°C. Grease must have good high temperature resistance, can avoid the loss of grease caused by softening of the high temperature, oxidation coking, ensure the normal operation of the hub, in order to reduce equipment maintenance and parts replacement costs.

Dust: A large amount of dust on the road erodes the wheel hub, which may cause the abrasive phenomenon of the hub bearing and aggravate the wear of the friction part of the bearing. Good structural stability allows the grease to withstand the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids after being sheared, preventing the loss of grease and relieving the general dust from entering the lubrication space of the bearing, thereby reducing abrasive wear.

Water shower: When the vehicle is driving on a rainy day, there will be a lot of water intrusion into the hub. Therefore, the selected grease must have good water resistance, prevent emulsification and soft loss, and continue to ensure reliable lubrication and equipment protection under the most severe water intake conditions.

Heavy load: Due to the heavy load during the vehicle transportation, the base oil with proper viscosity should be used when the grease is deployed. Only suitable extreme pressure and abrasion resistance can ensure that the grease forms a full oil film at the lubrication contact point and reduces wear.

Let's take a look at a real case. The Hunan Hunan Dunshi Concrete Co., Ltd. has a serious loss of grease from the mixer wheel hub bearings and frequent bearing damage. When maintenance personnel opened the hub, they found that the bearing had little grease and there was a lot of muddy material around the hub. Due to poor oxidation resistance, oxidized coking of the grease, a lot of coking and sludge occurred in the bearing seat, and the bearing surface and outer ring wear seriously. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, Hunan Dunshi sought the help of Meifu engineers. Since August 2008, Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 has been used on its wheels.

Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 is a long-life lithium complex grease, which is particularly suitable for the harsh working conditions that are widely used in various industries. Numerous tests have proven that Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 has superior performance in terms of appearance, adhesion and high temperature resistance compared to tested greases.

Appearance: Visually available, the Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 is brighter and more transparent than the tested grease (see Figure 2) (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 Figure 1: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222
Figure 2: Test grease Figure 2: Test grease

Adhesion: When using tools for picking up (see Figure 3, Figure 4), the Mobil grease XHPTM 222 with a high adhesion and cohesive structure is thick and silky.
Figure 3: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 Figure 3: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222
Figure 4: Test grease
Figure 4: Test grease

High temperature resistance: At the same time, two kinds of greases are heated. When the temperature reaches 260°C, the test grease shows the phenomena of oil evolution and oxidative coking (see Figure 6). The Mobil grease XHPTM 222 has good high temperature resistance and exhibits high Drop points and maintain a certain consistency (see Figure 5).

Figure 5: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 Figure 5: Mobil Grease XHPTM 222
Figure 6: Test grease
Figure 6: Test grease

Through the oil change and the effective monitoring of the vehicle conditions, Hunan Shield Stone has greatly improved the operating efficiency of the vehicle, prolonged the service life of the wheel bearings, and reduced a lot of maintenance costs. As of February 2010, the use of Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 can save RMB 100,000 per year for Hunan Dunshi.

Mobil Grease XHPTM 222 adopts proprietary cutting-edge lithium complex technology, which not only can open up and reduce throttling for mixer trucks, but also brings ideal lubrication protection to heavy trucks, light trucks and even industrial users. It has obtained more than 150 major industrial equipment manufacturing facilities. Business and truck drivers across the country are widely recognized.

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