Because vaccines, drugs, etc., are related to the safety of vaccination, how do vaccines are sent to vaccination agencies from the time the vaccines are released to storage? The entire transportation process in the middle has attracted the attention of the society, parents, and school. As long as there is a slight mistake in one of the links, the quality of vaccines and medicines may be questioned, and the health of children cannot be guaranteed.


The control of the temperature during the transport of the vaccine is very important. Before the vaccine is put into the refrigerated truck , it is necessary to put the temperature monitor in the car. This can guarantee that once the temperature inside the cabin becomes abnormal, it can be quickly monitored. . In addition, before the vaccine is installed on the vehicle, it must be ensured that the temperature inside the cabin is controlled between 2°C and 8°C.

In the process of storage and transportation, temperature is the lifeline of quality assurance, and it is not advisable to leave the cold chain of the vaccine too long. The transportation must be fast and the handling time should be shortened as much as possible.

In the cold storage of the vaccine, there is a chilly atmosphere. Four rows of tall shelves contain various types of vaccines for immunization programs. There are four refrigerating evaporators in the four corners of the ceiling of the refrigerator to keep the temperature of the refrigerator balanced. The inside of the warehouse is a two-way power supply and also has a generator. "Even if there is a power outage, the temperature of the refrigerator can be guaranteed.

Different from ordinary trucks, the cooling equipment for professional vaccine refrigerators is separated from the air-conditioning in the cab. The refrigerated air circulates independently inside the container. There is an air diversion tank at the bottom of the container to ensure that the vaccine is not kept close to the bottom of the container. The temperature is increased to ensure that the temperature in each position of the container can be stabilized at 2-8°C.

The transportation of vaccines has a direct bearing on people’s health. Therefore, it must strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations, strengthen vaccine supervision, standardize inoculation activities, improve and standardize the construction of preventive vaccination service networks, firmly guarantee the quality and safety of vaccination services, and consolidate and improve national immunity. Plan the vaccination rate and raise the level of vaccination. Build a more rational vaccine safety network and really build an "immune barrier" for vaccination.

The Tyre Cutting Machine 

Model:  XY-C800  XY-C1200



The tyre cutting machine is applied to cut all kinds of rubber blocks and strips,it is good for cutting rubber tyre,rail tyre, rubber strips etc.



1.This machine with large cutting knife,good shearing effect,fast cutting speed and low energy consumption;

2.Small size, easy to move;

3.Adopt hydraulic system, easy to operate and very safe design.

Tyre Cutter

Tyre Cutter

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