As an important disease in the agricultural field, crop virus disease has occurred on almost all kinds of crops, which seriously affects the yield and quality of crops. The current highly effective virus identification and detection technology is the key to control diseases and diseases in crops. Therefore, the application of crop virus detectors is playing an increasingly important role in the prevention and control of modern agricultural virus diseases.
There are many causes of crop virus infestation. For example, farm operations such as seed carrying viruses or incorrect irrigation and fertilization will cause virus infestation of crops. Therefore, it can be said that crop virus disease is more difficult to avoid, but it is also caused by plant viruses. The harm is extremely serious. If it is not discovered in time, it will be difficult to prevent and control. Therefore, with the rapid development of China's biological science and technology, the detection method of crop virus has been continuously improved and innovated, such as the emergence of crop virus detectors. The crop virus detection technology has been widely used. It can effectively help us to do a good job in plant virus detection to control the crop virus from the source and reduce the loss caused by crop virus disease. Therefore, the application of crop virus detector more and more.
The use of crop virus detectors to detect crop viruses, relatively speaking, the detection method is relatively simple, the speed of detection is also very fast, and the observation of the results is extremely direct, so it is very suitable for the rapid inspection and self-inspection in modern agricultural production, for early detection Plant virus diseases, as well as targeted development of crop virus control programs, are of great significance. Therefore, in the current development of agricultural scale, the application of crop virus detectors can effectively reduce agricultural production losses and improve crops. The level of virus disease prevention ensures the safe production of large-scale agriculture.

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