Smart pressure transmitter sensor part includes: capacitive sensor, measuring diaphragm detection circuit, temperature sensor and temperature compensation circuit and other components; intelligent electronic board part includes: microcomputer controller and peripheral circuit, complete pressure signal to 4 ~ 20mAdc Conversion. Used to measure the pressure of a liquid, gas, or vapor, and then convert the pressure signal to a 4-20 mADC signal output.

The zero pressure migration steps of the smart pressure transmitter are as follows:

(1) Adjust the measuring range to the required value before the migration;

(2) According to the measurement of the lower limit of the zero migration, input the lower limit corresponding pressure, with zero adjustment potentiometer adjustment, so that the output is 4mA;

(3) Review the full scale and fine tune if necessary;

(4) If there is a large amount of migration, the transmitter's transfer switch (connector) must first be switched to the positive or negative transfer position (determined by the migration direction), then the lower limit of the measurement pressure is added, and the zero point is used to adjust the potentiometer. Adjust the output to 4MA;

(5) Repeat step 3.

Smart pressure transmitter

Evotec High Voltage Generator including 13.8kV High Voltage Generator, Three Phase Diesel Generator , 13.8Kv High Voltage Generator ,60Hz Synchronous Brushless Generator,13800V Synchronous Brushless Generator.Our alternator are widely used in industry, commercial, real estate, hospital, hotel, railway, telecommunications, data-centers and mining etc. 

The specific technical features are listed below: 
Speed: 1500rpm or 1800rpm 
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60Hz 
Number of Poles: 4 
Power: up to 3500KVA 
Voltage: 110V-690V,High Voltage:3.3KV-13.8KV 
Insulation: class H 
Power Factor: 0.8 
Voltage Regulation Rate: ±0.5% 
Altitude: 1000M 
Temperature Rise Class: class H 
Ambient Temperature: 40 
Overload:10% for 1 hour in every 12 hours 
Degree of Protection: IP21 (IP23, IP44, IP54 on request) 

Special Features: 

  • higher motor starting capability 
  • a reliable long life with superior class H insulation 
  • high thyristor load withstand capability for mobile phone and telecom applications 
  • ease of maintenance with integrated components and outboard exciter/rotating rectifier 
  • wide range of coupling discs/adaptor for single bearing configuration, suitable for wide range of engine brands

13.8kV High Voltage Generator

1800kw 10 5kv High Voltage Alternators

13.8kV High Voltage Generator

Three Phase Diesel Generator,13.8Kv High Voltage Generator,60Hz Synchronous Brushless Generator,13800V Synchronous Brushless Generator

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