——The Establishment Conference of the Enzyme Branch of China Biofermentation Industry Association was held

Enzymes are a familiar and unfamiliar concept for Chinese people. In recent years, enzyme products have entered our lives without sound. At the same time, all aspects of enzymes have become hot topics. In order to enable the healthy and orderly development of China's enzyme industry, the China Biofermentation Industry Association decided to establish an Enzyme Sub-Committee and held the first member congress of the China Biofermentation Industry Association's Enzymes Branch in Beijing on December 3, 2015. Council.

Unlimited business opportunities

In 2014, the scale of the global enzyme market has exceeded US$5 billion, of which food enzymes are closely related to people’s diet, and have the greatest potential for growth and growth, with an annual growth rate of more than 7%. Nowadays, the application of domestic scientific research on enzymes has become more and more widely used. Food processing industry, decontamination industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, beauty, clinical, health care and many other fields are applied. Especially in the field of health products, enzymes are playing an increasingly important role. The role. As a world’s most populous country, the food, medicine, health care products, and health industries have a vast market and unlimited business opportunities.

Regulate the industry to comply with policy development

The enzyme industry in China is at an initial stage compared to the international enzyme industry. It can be said that China's current enzyme market is mixed, not only with a large number of manufacturers, and with uneven production methods, but also lacks targeted supervision and production licenses. There are no corresponding standards for the production indicators.

The State Council set up “Made in China 2025” on May 8th to take this opportunity to develop, and in order to regulate and correctly lead the healthy and orderly development of the enzyme industry, the China Biofermentation Industry Association established an enzyme branch in Beijing to promote the Chinese enzyme. The industry is more nutritious, healthy, and orderly. It takes advantage of China's unique manufacturing advantages to enhance the international competitiveness of China's enzyme industry and expand another broad space in the field of bio-fermentation.

The backbone gathered together discuss the industry plan

The “First Member Congress of the Chinese Biofermentation Industry Association Enzyme Branch and the First Session of the First Council” was the first industry-wide event after the establishment of the Enzymes Branch. More than 200 people from the national enzyme industry participated in the conference. Shi Weijun, Chairman of China Biofermentation Industry Association, Yu Xuejun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Light Industry Association, Director Zhang Jun of the Consumer Products Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Director Dai Fei of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Director Su Yue of the China Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology attended the meeting. Speech.

At the meeting, the members of the Enzymes Branch elected by secret ballot 18 members of the First Board of Directors of the China Biofermentation Industry Association Enzyme Branch, one secretary, five deputy directors, and one chairman. At the same time, the "Enzyme Sub-Working Regulations" and the "Enzyme Industry Self-discipline Convention" were reviewed. At this point, China's most professional and authoritative organization of the enzyme industry was established.

Industry Development Standards First

The development of a healthy and orderly industry is one of the necessary means. At present, there is no standard for enzyme products in China. Therefore, the relevant standards for the enzyme industry are formulated, and the development of the industry is regulated so that the “identification” of products can be found. This is a top priority for the development of the industry. However, due to the large number of raw materials used in the enzyme products, different production methods, and incomplete production scale, it is difficult to establish relevant standards.

The China Biofermentation Industry Association has the qualifications for developing group standards. At the same time, with the help of the advantages established by the enzyme industry platform, the preparatory work for the formulation of the Guidelines for the Classification of Enzymes has been carried out. In the future, more standards will be set for the development of enzymes. The Chinese enzyme industry will have rules to follow.

Wonderful report Advance the industry

The meeting invited a number of ministries and commissions leaders and related scholars and experts to come. The wonderful speeches and reports pointed out the direction of development for the healthy and sustainable development of the enzyme industry.

Chairman Shi Weiwei pointed out that the “Enzyme Branch” is the link between the government and the industry, market and enterprise. After the establishment of the club, it will insist on serving as its purpose, guide and regulate the development of the enzyme industry as the goal, do a good job in the industry self-discipline, and actively carry out Technological exchanges, technological innovation, market development, and maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, promote the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese enzyme products, and enhance the international image and status of China's enzyme industry.

The leaders of various ministries and committees pointed out in their speeches that the enzyme industry has just begun to emerge in China, and there are problems with the development of the whole industry, such as a relatively disorderly development, serious standards and exaggerated propaganda. Industrial professionals in the industry must fully understand, utilize and follow the relevant industrial policies of the country, and strictly regulate the industry from sources of production, production processes, post-processing, and product promotion, so that the Chinese enzyme industry will become scientific, standardized, and healthy. The road to sustainable development. The establishment of the Enzyme Branch of the China Biofermentation Industry Association is a need to adapt to the development of the industry and is also one of the necessary means to regulate the development of the industry. It is a long way to go. Each company should make full use of this platform to make the Chinese enzyme industry go international.

The conference also invited eight enzyme industry experts and representatives from the Qilu University of Technology, Professor Liu Xinli and Jiangnan University, Liao Xiangru, to discuss hot topics and scientific analysis, enzyme and enzyme products, standardization of the enzyme industry, focus on natural vitality, application of enzymes in the health industry, and enzymes. Special reports were made on the future exhibition booths, enzyme development and health, development of the enzyme market, and the promotion of environmental-friendly enzyme public welfare. This opened up the vision for the participants and laid a good foundation for the scientific and standardized development of the enzyme industry.

Health Promotion Professional Exhibition Parallel

As a national professional enzyme industry organization, the Enzyme Branch of China Biofermentation Industry Association will make full use of this platform to vigorously promote and promote the green, healthy and sustainable development of China's enzyme industry. On September 7-9, 2016, the “2016 International Enzyme Industry Expo” will be held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. The event will be held in conjunction with the “2016 Exhibition of Fermentation Products and Technology Equipment”. There will be more specialties at that time. Sex Forum held.

To develop a green enzyme culture and create a healthy quality of life, our country's enzyme industry will move to a splendid tomorrow under the leadership of China's bio-fermentation industry association under the correct guidance of the relevant national ministries and commissions.

Welcome everyone to join: Wang Cheng

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