Manufacturing transformation and upgrading generate high-end equipment investment opportunities. China's manufacturing industry is facing the double squeeze of “high-end manufacturing reflow” in developed countries and “low-end and high-end diversion” in emerging developing countries. The growth rate is slowing, the demand for traditional equipment is sluggish, and the overall performance of the machinery industry is not good. "Made in China 2025" is intended to promote China's manufacturing industry to high-end, intelligent transformation and upgrading, to resolve the current low-end surplus, the mid-high-end shortage of contradiction, the process of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, high-end equipment is expected to enjoy long-term policy dividends.

Long-term optimistic about smart manufacturing sector. The demographic dividend has disappeared. China’s large number of labor-intensive mid-to-low-end manufacturing upgrades are in urgent need. At the same time, the state has issued a series of national strategies such as “Made in China 2025” and “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Equipment Manufacturing”, taking intelligent manufacturing as The main direction is to promote supply-side reforms. The economical endogenous drive + policy has been vigorously pushed forward. The smart manufacturing industry is not yet in the manufacturing industry in China for the past 10 years. д д д 魇 д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д д鹬 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔 饔. Recommended robots, Eston, Double Ring Drive, Superstar Technology, Kangli Elevator, Zhiyun, Nanfeng.

We are optimistic about the auxiliary equipment companies with monopolistic advantages in the nuclear power sector. The construction of nuclear power has been strongly restarted, ushering in the "golden five-year period", and will bring about 60 billion yuan in equipment investment each year. During the year, it is estimated that the construction of 8 units will be started, and the total number of newly-started units will exceed 11-14 years. Orders for auxiliary equipment of nuclear power will be released within a year or so after being started. With nuclear power going to the sea, “Hualong 1” is expected to settle in the UK and open up space for overseas markets. We believe that the 16-year high growth logic for nuclear power equipment companies will be gradually demonstrated. Jiangsu Shentong and Taihai Nuclear Power are recommended.

Risk warning: The slow progress of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the macroeconomic downturn led to the continued sluggish demand for machinery and equipment, and the “13th Five-Year” nuclear power generation reduction.

Bungee Cord,or sometimes we call it elastic straps,elastic ropes,shock cord,octopus strap,etc,is a practical tool which helps people to secure light duty loads or to absorb shock.

It is an elastic cord composed of one or more elastic strands forming a core,usually equipped metal or plastic Hooks on each end.

Owing to the small hooks and its elasticity,bungee cord are widely used to secure objects without tying knots.

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Bungee Cord

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