[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] From June 28th to 29th, experts from the Bureau of Condition Support and Finance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the Chinese Academy of Sciences Scientific Research Equipment Development Program at the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, “Digital Microdrop-Flow Nucleic Acid Detection The development of the instrument and the development of the "super-resolution high-precision movable cone beam CT experimental equipment" carried out technical acceptance and overall acceptance.

The technical acceptance will be held in the Suzhou Medical Institute on the afternoon of June 28. The Department of Conditional Protection and the Director of Science and Technology Division of the Finance Bureau Yan Ganhui introduced the specific requirements for on-site testing and announced the list of expert groups. The expert group consists of five experts. Wang Qiuping, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, and Meng Xiangmin, a researcher at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, respectively serve as the heads of the two project acceptance expert groups. The project leaders Li Haiwen and Gao Xin respectively introduced the development of the two projects, acceptance indicators and technical testing program. After the technical test program was reviewed and approved by the expert group, the expert team tested each item on the equipment site in accordance with the test program, and compared the test results with the project task book. The expert group unanimously agreed that all technical specifications of the developed equipment are equal to or better than the implementation plan. The prescribed requirements are agreed to be submitted to the acceptance expert group for acceptance.
The general acceptance will be held in Suzhou Medical Institute on the morning of June 29. Yan Jihui introduced the overall acceptance requirements and announced the list of expert groups. The expert group consists of 8 experts, including 7 technical experts and 1 financial expert. The team leader is Lei Zhenlin, a researcher of Shenyang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The expert group listened to two project work reports, use reports and test reports.
The "Digital Microdrop-Flow Nucleic Acid Detector" project developed a set of system prototypes, and developed key droplet generation chips, droplet detection chips, droplet generation oils and other key devices and reagents to meet the low abundance. The requirements for R&D and new technology testing of nucleic acid testing equipment provide the basis for related technology research and industrialization.
The "Super-resolution and high-precision development of movable cone-beam CT experimental equipment" project developed a prototype system, and developed a key to high-precision rotating rack, integrated control system, image reconstruction algorithm, high-precision motion tracking system and other key Components and software provide the basis for the industrialization of light and small cone-beam CT.
The expert group had on-site inspections of the development of equipment and equipment, reviewed the relevant documents, archives, and the use of project funds. After discussion, the expert group unanimously believed that both projects had completed all the research contents specified in the mission statement, and various technical indicators had been achieved. The task book requires that the project file is complete, the use of funds is basically reasonable, and the project is agreed to be accepted.
Gan Jihui expressed his congratulations on the successful acceptance of the two projects of the medical laboratories. He hoped that the project team could give full play to the prototype value, further research and development and achievement transformation, and give full play to the effectiveness of the scientific research equipment development project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
(Original Title: Two CAS Research Equipment Development Projects Accepted Acceptance)

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