Length: 150/175mm
Application: TIG Welding/Plasma Arc Weld
Diameter: 1.0-10.0mm.etc
Melting Point: 3422ºC
Weight: 1.0g
Trademark: Haoye
Transport Package: 10 Pieces/Plastic Box, 200/Carton, 1200/Large Box
Specification: 150/175mm
Origin: Beijing, China
Company profile:

      Linyi tongying import and export co., ltd was established in September 2016 with a registered capital of 1 million. Is a professional foreign trade company engaged in import and export trade, domestic and foreign trade, sino foreign joint ventures, cooperative production, re-export trade and other ways of business.
     Mainly engaged in welding equipment and accessories, hardware machinery, labor insurance supplies, metal materials, wire and cable, chemical products, plastic products, electrical electrical materials, building materials, furniture, etc.; Import and export of goods and technologies.
     At present, the company 's trade scale is expanding, customers all over the world, with good reputation by domestic and foreign customers trust, to promote the modernization of our country, promote economic and technological exchanges with countries around the world, and promote friendship with the people of all countries made a lot of positive work.
    With won import and export co., ltd. all staff to serve you wholeheartedly.

High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market


Our advantage

0ur factory has passed the ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and occupation health and safety management system gb/T28000 , multiple system Of  strict standard become the company's rules, SO that you can be found in any our customers quality products.

The company's quality assurance from the strict screening Of raw materials , inspection and test procedures according to the  international standards.Each batch of  raw material every single electrode , we all go through Strict inspection instrument , must not be allowed to have phenomenon Of sampling observation, So as to better ensure the product quality.

High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market


About products

Thorium tungsten electrode is the earliest use of rare earth tungsten electrode , SO far the best varieties Of tungsten electrode welding performance , on a global scale the variety of tungsten electrode the highest market share. Thorium-tungsten electrode is a widely used to add oxide electrode, it is better than pure tungsten electrode and add other oxide electrode excellent welding performance, in the process Of long-term use , It is other oxide electrodes, Which are irreplaceable. Thorium-tungsten electrode simple operation , high load current, arc starting is more easy, stable arc, arc breaking gap is big, small loss, long service life, high recrystallization temperature , better electrical conductivity, mechanical cutting performance is good, the thorium-tungsten electrode is widely used in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium metal welding, it is the first selection Of high quality welding material.
High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market

Cerium tungsten e lectrodes have no radioactive contamination , belongs to the green environmental protection product, melting rate is IOW, the service life Of the welding current under the best products at the same time also for other IOW current welding such as small and complicated parts.Cerlum tungsten electrodes have tungsten performance and environmental value Of electrode.


Brand haoye
Production Plcae Linyi China
Weight 1.0(g)
Type Argon arc welding tungsten needle
Model 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0 2.4 3.0 3.2 4.0
Melting point 3422(ºC)
Application Argon arc welding
operating temperature normal temperature

High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market
High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market
High Quality Tungsten Electrode Main The Middle East Market


1. Q:What's your best price for this product?

A: We will quote you best price according to your quantity, so when you making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want.The more quantity the better price.

2. Q:How about the quality of this product?

A: Our products are certified to ISO9001 international quality standards. We compay have very strict Quality Control Systems.

3. Q:Can we custom our own logo or label on this product?

A: Yes, you can. we support logo print & stamping & label print, print will be free if the logo is not very complex.

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