Phosphorus deposits of the type shown in Table 1, at home and abroad of phosphate rock beneficiation indicators in Table 2.

Jinping phosphate concentrator plant by the Beijing Nonferrous Metallurgy Design Research Institute in 1955, the design, the design capacity of 1,122,000 t / a, 1959 put into operation. In 1966, the ore volume was 1.157 million tons. In recent years, the ore volume was about 750,000 tons due to insufficient mining ore supply.
(1) Ore properties: The ore deposit is a marine sedimentary metamorphic phosphorite deposit, and the phosphate-bearing ore layer has industrial value such as Xishan, Dongshan and Taowan. The ore is divided into three types: fine-grained phosphorus rock, manganese- phosphorus ore and mica- phosphorus. Various types of mineral ore consists of: 1) fine-grained rock phosphate apatite, calcite, dolomite, followed by quartz, muscovite, biotite partial saw, garnet, pyrite, limonite, Magnetite, hematite, feldspar , aluminophosphate , strontium calcite, kaolin , dikeite, sericite and iron-manganese oxide, Dongshan mining area still contains chlorite and pyrolusite; 2) manganese phosphate layer Clear black and white strips, black is manganese, porous and porous, mineral composition is mainly apatite, pyrolusite, followed by muscovite, magnetite, hard manganese ore, dolomite, quartz, feldspar, sericite 3, mica phosphorus rock is generally cyan, weathered yellow-brown, hard, morphological development, mineral composition of apatite, muscovite, quartz, limonite, followed by hematite Occasionally there are biotite, etc. The multi-element analysis of each type of ore is shown in Table 3. The multi-element analysis of mixed ore is shown in Table 4.

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