On March 1st, the national industry standard setting seminar for low-temperature circulating grain dryers was held in Wuhu Anhui Senminuo Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Hong Xieguo, vice chairman of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, and Wang Tianchen, secretary general of the China Association for Agricultural Machinery, and the province. Zhang Daohua, deputy director of the Bureau of Agricultural Machinery, and Feng Shusheng, director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Appraisal Station, attended the ceremony.

At the meeting, the honored guests discussed relevant issues concerning the revision of the industry standards, and finally reached an agreement that the original national implementation standard JB/T10268-2011 “Batch Type Recycled Grain Dryer” had been implemented since 2012 and had been used to regulate the design of grain dryers in China. , production and use have played an important role. However, with the development of the agricultural machinery industry and the change of the grain drying situation, the original standard could not fully meet the needs of the current stage. Afterwards, the provincial agricultural machinery appraisal station will take the lead to form an expert group to further optimize and perfect the industry standards and carry out the revision of industry standards.

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