Powder moisture detection method

Inorganic non-metallic powder, a new material in the market demand is very large, through these years of development, in the country, powder companies have mushroomed, blooming everywhere. From now on, the inorganic non-metallic powder industry has basically entered a relatively mature stage, and the product quality has also taken the lead in the world. However, since 2017, the environmental situation has become increasingly severe, and the elimination rate of the market is getting higher and higher. To survive and develop in such a severe environment, improving the quality of powder products has become the only way for enterprises, only high-quality products With strong competitiveness, the survival of the fittest, and survival of the fittest, this is the law of nature that remains unchanged. In order to improve the quality of powder products, the selection of laboratory testing equipment is very important. A cost-effective testing equipment can bring about significant benefits for the company.

For inorganic non-metallic powders, common test indicators are the following: moisture content, whiteness, strength, PH, specific surface area, oil absorption value, the corresponding laboratory equipment is moisture detector, whiteness meter, PH meter, Specific surface area analyzer, oil absorption tester. So how do you choose laboratory equipment? The following uses the moisture detector as an example.

There are many ways to measure the moisture content of powders. The traditional oven method, the cumbersome operation, the test time is too long, the efficiency is extremely low, does not adapt to the current production environment, so it is not considered as the scope. Therefore, we must choose an instrument that can quickly and accurately detect the moisture content of the powder. In the current market, there are many types of instruments that can quickly detect powder moisture. When choosing a rapid moisture meter, many people began to be confused, like a needle in the sea, and there is no way to start. This situation is often caused by the fact that it does not know which side it should be based on for screening and screening.

In the selection of rapid moisture analyzer, Xiaobian recommend a domestic brand - Guanya rapid moisture analyzer. Guanya Quick Moisture Analyzer adopts the principle of loss-of-drying method. Through the heating system, the sample is rapidly heated, so that the moisture of the sample can be completely evaporated in the shortest time, so that the moisture content of the sample can be detected in a short time. It usually takes about 3 minutes to detect general samples. The principle used by Guanya moisture meter is the same as the national standard oven method. The test results are substitutable. The instrument adopts one-button operation, which not only makes the operation simple but also avoids the error caused by human factors to the measurement results. Not only is it beautiful and the price is very reasonable, it is widely used in the powder industry.

Calcium carbonate moisture detector technical parameters

1, weighing range: 0-90g
★★ Debugging test space is 3cm, 5cm, 10cm
2, moisture determination range: 0.01-100%
3, the minimum weight reading: 0.001g
★★ JK weighing system sensor
4, sample quality: 0.1-90g
5, heating temperature range: start -205 °C
★★ Heating method: Strained mixed gas heater ★★ Fine adjustment automatic compensation temperature up to 15°C
6, moisture content readability: 0.01%
7, display 7 kinds of parameters:
★★ Moisture value, sample initial value, sample final value, determination time, initial temperature value, final value, constant weight value ★★Red digital tube independent display mode
8, dual communication interface: RS 232
9, the appearance size: 380 × 205 × 325 (mm)
10, power supply: 220V ± 10%
11. Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
12, net weight: 3.7Kg

Calcium carbonate moisture detector

Calcium carbonate moisture detector

Technical parameters



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