Mr. Fei Yudong , General Manager of Consol Lubricants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as the representative of domestic excellent lubricant joint venture brand entrepreneurs, was invited to attend the "Lubricants Industry Entrepreneur Salon" held at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze River Hotel on November 10, 2015. "And to give a speech entitled "Broken Development, Win-Win Future". The event was sponsored by Shanghai International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and China Lubricant Information Network “Lubricant Market” magazine. It attracted entrepreneurs from well-known oil industry companies including Foss, Longxun , Runyinglian, Anxun , etc. Car market elites and nearly 100 listeners from the media.

Mr. Fei Yudong, General Manager of Kangsheng Lubricants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the China Lubricants Industry Entrepreneur Salon
Mr. Fei Yudong, General Manager of Lubricating Oil (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the China Lubricants Industry Entrepreneur Salon

“The development of fuel economy-driven engines and their corresponding upgrading of the lubricant industry standards, as well as the introduction of the country’s latest emission policy under the environment of sustainable development, are two important forces that affect the current trend of China’s lubricants market,” said Kang Sheng. Lu Yufei, General Manager of Lubricants, put forward in his speech that "Lubricated technology has a targeted R & D cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to cope with the needs of green development and innovation and development. It is the development of lubricants companies in this market situation. An effective way, Kangsheng Lubricants is the core competence in the entire industry ecosystem to play its own technology, quality and service, and the century-old brand experience in lubricant production, and it is established with major domestic engine manufacturers such as Cummins and various terminal vehicle companies. The strategic and technical cooperation will jointly maintain competitiveness and achieve sustainable development in the current market environment where the macroeconomic development trend is slowing down and competition is more intense."

As the professional lubricant brand with unique world-class engine technology genes, Kangsheng Lubricants always regards technological innovation, quality assurance and customer value enhancement as the embodiment of brand competitiveness. During the speech, Mr. Fei Yudong introduced practical examples of the advantages of these brands, including the important results of Kangsheng Lubricants in the 100,000-kilometer long oil change cycle test of ISG engines, and 500,000 kilometers of ISF engine end-users. No overhaul satisfaction feedback, and in recent years, Kang Sheng's racing grade lubrication performance in major events. These contents won applause and applause from the professional audience.

At the end of the speech, Mr. Fei Yudong concluded: “The current environment of the Chinese lubricant market is both an unprecedented challenge and an opportunity for more rapid development for the company. After 150 years of scouring, Kang Sheng will continue to develop its expertise to pursue. The spirit of excellence, together with strategic partners to jointly create a green future!"

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