Automatic Grade: Automatic
Product Type: Particle Board
Company Name: Global Shining
Product Name: Particle Board Cutting Machine
Transport Package: Standard Packing
Specification: 4*8Inch or 5*8Inch etc.
Origin: China

GLOBAL SHINING Particle Board Cutting Machine

Product Description

Preparation System

Belt Conveyor

Drum Chipper

Metal Remover

Rectangular Screen

Bucket Lifter

Chip Silo

Knife-ring Flaker

Wet Flake Silo

Rotor Flake Dryer

Stream Mill


Glue Regulating and Supplying System

Surface Flake Silo

Core Flake Air Conveying System

Belt Conveyor

Flake Metering Bin

Flake Metering Bin

Knife-ring Flake

Glue Regulating and Supplying System


Form System

Belt Conveyor

Metal Remover

De-dusting and Air Conveying System

Mechanical Classi-Former


Press System

Continuous Pre-Press

Trimming Conveyor

Lengthwise Edge Saw

Mats Cross Saw

Accelerating Conveyor

Fast Conveyor

Recycle Device

Turn-Board Conveyor

Store Conveyor

Loading Conveyor


Hot Press


Outfeeding Belt Conveyor


Edge Treatment System

Roller Conveyor

Infeed Roller Conveyor

Star Coller

Longitudinal Edge Saw

Transversal Edge Saw

Transversal Roller Lift

Transversal Roller Conveyor


Sanding System

Transversal Board Conveyor

Transversal Roller Lifter

Board Pusher

Longitudinal Feed Roller Conveyor

2 Heads Belt Sander

Transition Roller

4 Heads Belt Sander

Longitudinal Feed Roller Conveyor Stacker

Transversal Roller Lifter

Transversal Roller Lifter


Packaging & Shipping

Standard Packng

Our Services

Installation,commissioning and training:

Two technicians (one is Technical Engineer, the other one is Electrical Engineer) will be sent to buyer's factory to guide all of the procedure, include installation, commissioning and staff training.

Company Information

GLOBAL SHINING is a professional Particle Board Cutting Machine company in Qingdao, China. We export to Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Algeria, Philippine, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc. for over 15 years..

We supply you not only high quality equipment, but also comprehensive "after sales service", including installation, commissioning and training.

Choosing GLOBAL SHINING, you will get "turn-key" project service.


 Anywhere, Any time, Please feel free to contact with GLOBAL SHINING.
Global Shining Particle Board Cutting Machine

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