Model NO.: TR-R-1020
Trademark: TRYTE
Specification: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Origin: China/Hongkong
Laboratory Rotary Evaporator/Laboratory Instruments/Instruments Equipment

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator/Laboratory Instruments/Instruments Equipment

The Introduction:

   Rotating evaporating flask with large capacity and caliber has large evaporation area. It is set in the water bath to reduce pressure, spinning when heated to make the solution evaporate efficiently. It can be used in the small and pidot-scale test and production of fields like biology, pharmacy, chemical industry and foodstuff. The products can be made into system devices with multi-purpose circulating water vacuum pump, diaphragm vacuum pump, low temperature circulating pump(vacuum), circulating cooler, constant temperature circulator, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump.

The Characteristics:

   Double sealing with Teflon (PTFE) and fluorous rubber to ensure high vacuum degree.

Import advanced frequency conversion control system and temperature control system from foreign countries, it's precise and reliable.

Vacuum transfer valve can collect continuously without affecting system vacuum and solvent distillation.

Water bath electric lifting and manual lifting is mating to use easily.

PTFE discharge valve is corrosion resistant and non-pollution.

Heating kettle outside protective jacket prevent scalding.







Rotary Bottle

5L,diameter of flange opening: Φ50mm

10L,diameter of flange opening:Φ95mm

20L, diameter of flange opening:Φ125mm

50L,diameter of flange opening:Φ125mm

Collecting bottle





Speed-regulation of main machine

Digital display, variable frequency, stepless speed-regulation

Rotary speed of main Machine

10to140r/min,digitaldisplay of rotary speed

10to130r/min,digitaldisplay of rotary speed

10to110r/min,digitaldisplay of rotary speed

Rotaring motor(W)

phase AD induction motor,power:40W

phase AD induction motor,power:90W

DC motor,power:250W

Condensing tube

Vertical type water refrigerating

Standing,main+auxiliary cooling and highly effcient3 circulating coldtrap

Heating boiler

stainless water bath

Temperature control

Digital display, temperature control,0~99ºC

Achievable vacuum

399.9Pa (below 3mmHg)

Evaporating capability

Water≥2L/h Alcohol≥6.5L/h

Water≥3.2L/h Alcohol≥6.5L/h

Water≥5L/h Alcohol≥11L/h

Water≥9L/h Alcohol≥19L/h

Elevating function

Electric elevation

Electric plus manual lifting

Elevating stroke





Rated power supply



Power of power supply










Laboratory Rotary Evaporator/Laboratory Instruments/Instruments Equipment

Company Information:
      As a diversified manufacturer of high-tech products, it was founded in 1999, and devoted to the products, sales and technical service for various industries and fields like Energy analysis instrument, Oil, coal, steel, and geology; medical analysis and application instruments, biochemistry analyzer, elisa reader, blood analyzer,and urine; as well as laboratory application instruments,autoclave/sterilizer,freeze dryer, incubator,drying oven,balance,ICP,DRS,HPLC,gas chromatography,and spectrophotometer,meanwhile,TRYTE Technologies integrated and purchased some companies of PCB board, highway instruments at home and abroad. Our company has become the "one stop" instrument procurement service provider worthy of the name.
      TRYTE technologies (TRYTE) mainly sell products by selling direct to customer, but also through distributors, resellers and manufacturer representatives, telephone sales and e-commerce sales, customers cover all over 80% of the world's countries and regions.TRYTE have solutions with rules adaptability according to the specific requirements of the design, from the instrument to some laboratories or departments.Whichever kind of solution you choose, you can fully trust it, because it is proved from 100, 00 successful results, leading development process, and decades of actual certification experience.

Laboratory Rotary Evaporator/Laboratory Instruments/Instruments Equipment

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Laboratory Rotary Evaporator/Laboratory Instruments/Instruments Equipment


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