In the market, most users choose to use PM8188 handheld moisture analyzer, because the instrument has many advantages, is very trustworthy, and value for money. For example, in terms of function, using a hand-held quick moisture analyzer to quickly measure the moisture of various rice, rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, rapeseed, practical and easy to use, durable and accurate. Here's a brief introduction to the advantages of the PM8188 handheld moisture analyzer.
1. Multi-measurement PM8188 handheld moisture analyzer can measure wheat, corn, soybean, barley, mung bean, sorghum, rapeseed, peanut, glutinous rice, japonica rice, japonica rice, japonica rice, adzuki bean, millet and other 14 species, basic coverage Most of the food quality.
2. Wide range of applications The PM8188 hand-held quick moisture analyzer can be applied to inspections and inspections that require a variety of grain moisture measurements, and must be hand-picked by a large number of samples.
3, saving steps using PM8188 handheld fast moisture analyzer can save the other weighing this step, it can automatically measure the weight of the sample, automatically calculate the moisture content ratio value 4, easy operation does not require the sample to be crushed and other pre-treatment, according to The PM8188 hand-held moisture meter determines the key, and the sample can be measured by the deceased person to express the moisture value. The operation is convenient.
5, intuitive operation, energy saving and environmental protection PM8188 handheld moisture analyzer can display the species number and species name (the first four letters of the English name), intuitive operation. You can also automatically turn off the power (about 3 minutes without operation, the power will automatically cut off), more power.
The most important point is that the accuracy of the PM8188 handheld moisture analyzer is very high, and the initial value of moisture can be corrected (the moisture value of each species can be corrected within the range of -9, 9 to 109.9). Eliminating the environmental impact is one of the most important reasons why users value it. At present, the PM8188 Handheld Moisture Analyzer has become the most widely used portable grain moisture meter on the market. If necessary, it can be used with Top Cloud's salesman. contact.

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