In 2013, Yuchai's accumulated sales of engines exceeded 500,000 units, successfully curbing the momentum of two consecutive years of decline since 2011, and becoming the industry's first multi-cylinder diesel engine company to return to 500,000 units; the year-on-year increase was much higher than the industry. At an average level, market share increased by 1 percentage point on the basis of an increase of 3 percentage points last year.

In 2013, the market began to show recovering growth after falling for two consecutive years. Yuchai's shares are "professional segmentation, reliable application, lean operation, quality improvement, collaborative innovation, connotation growth, special breakthroughs, and national first-priority" as its operating principles, and internal and external cultivating to enhance core competitiveness.

Internally, Yuchai Co., Ltd. vigorously promoted the “zero defect and zero tolerance” quality culture, promoted the lean engineering and “100% product quality improvement for three years” project, and significantly improved the product quality level. As of October, the failure of the Yuchai engine R0 dropped by 38.35% year-on-year, the quality cost ratio dropped by 22.51% year-on-year, and the internal quality loss dropped by 10.92% year-on-year. On December 16, Yuchai’s shares received the China Quality Award Nomination Award, which is another quality award honored by the government after Yuchai’s acquisition of the Yulin Mayor Quality Award and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chairman’s Quality Award.

Externally, with abundant experience in market operations and strong service capabilities in China 4 and 5, Yuchai has grabbed the initiative in the country’s preparation for the full implementation of a new round of power upgrades, and realized trucks, buses, shipboards, and electricity. , New energy power and other market segments and service upgrades have blossomed.

In the truck market, Yuchai's engine sales increased by 20% year-on-year, of which, truck truck sales increased by 45.3% year-on-year, well above the average for the heavy truck industry; sales of 6M and 6MK engines increased by 115% year-on-year. In the passenger car market, Yuchai's engine sales increased by 8% year-on-year. Clean fuel (gas engine, hybrid) engines have been rapidly developed in the new energy market for trucks and passenger cars. With the advantages of complete gas engine products and user trust, passenger cars The market share of the engine has been further expanded. At present, sales of the Yuchai Passenger Bus Guotai Diesel Engine and China Five-Gas Engine have accounted for more than 70%, and its share has continued to increase. The sales of Yuchai Engine (including construction machinery and agricultural machinery) engines also increased by 31% year-on-year, and ship power has also achieved remarkable sales growth compared with the same period of last year when the industry's market was down.

In overseas markets, Yuchai has expanded its markets in Eastern Europe and South America by building a new market platform, improving the construction of its accessories and service network system, and achieving an engine export growth of more than 40% year-on-year while domestic exports have grown slowly.

In terms of after-sales service, Yuchai has built four national and national service networks, highway service networks and river water service networks, and 1,005 service stations with strong national and national service capabilities have provided services for product emission upgrades. Guarantees, service upgrades, and customer service satisfaction continue to increase.

ER70S-6 Welding Wire

Description: ER70S-6 Welding wire is a low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire, protected with pure Co2 or Ar+CO2 gas. Stable arc, low spatters, excellent fabrication weldability and lowsensitivity of weld gas porosity can be obtained during welding. It is suitable for all position welding especially with large welding current rang. It can show very good welding performance.



Suitable for single-pass and multi-pass welding for structures fabricated by carbon steel and 500MPa grade low alloy steel, such as vehicles, bridges, construction and mechanical structures etc.



A. Suitable for using shielding gas at the speed of 20-25 liters per minute.

B. Windshield must be set up in the welding zone, due to gas porosity may be caused be strong wind.

C. Wind extention should be 10-20mm if the current range is under 300A and if above 300A,20-25mm.

Aws E70S-6 Welding Wire

Aws E70S-6 Welding Wire,70S-6 Welding Wire,Rutile Welding Rod,2.5Mm Welding Rod

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