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Ningbo Aunt Street for Tramping Haircut
It is the warmth of that bow
A few days ago, a full-bodied microblog was widely forwarded on the Internet: Some people saw a middle-aged mother free of charge as a tramp on a small bridge beside Xihe Street in Haitang Park. A photo of a haircut was also attached to Weibo.
Netizens have left a message: “This kind of love is more resonating and moving than those who love to shout slogans.”
The reporter recently came to Ningbo Haishu Park and saw that the vagrant was still begging on Xiaoqiao. Vagabond surnamed Fu, 45 years old this year, Anhui, hands disabled, has been begging on the bridge for several days.
Laofu told the reporter that on that morning, an unfamiliar aunt walked past the bridge and soon returned. "She looked at me sitting on the floor with a bit of a mess in her hair and said to give it to you."
Subsequently, the aunt encircled a piece of cloth on the old pay and tied herself to an apron. The old man squatted on the floor and straightened up. The aunt had a comb in her left hand, a hair clipper in her right hand and carefully shaved him. The old paid hair was long and chaotic. It was a bit dirty. The body smelled strange and many pedestrians shunned it. However, this aunt did not care at all and she did her best to cut her hair. Some passing citizens stopped. About 10 minutes later, the haircut is completed, the old one is touched, and the hair is short and flat. It feels refreshing. "Do you want money?" he asked. "Oh, no," said the aunt, and she left the tool.
Who is this aunt? Why do you want to help the homeless man? During the interview, a passer-by provided a clue to reporters: “Every Friday morning on Saturday and Sunday, I can often see several aunts helping the elderly with free haircuts in the park. She may be one of them. There is also a Haitang District Love Care Home. To them."
The reporter turned to find the aunt for the tramp. Her name is Jiang Baby and she lives in Gaotang Village, Haishu District. In her home, the reporter saw a hair clipper that was charging. She had just returned to someone else. "I didn't have anything to interview." Aunt Jiang said modestly.
However, the spread of Weibo in the past few days has made her a celebrity in the community. Walking on the road in the community, many people recognize her. This makes Aunt Jiang somewhat uncomfortable. "I helped him with a haircut. It was natural." At the time, she had just gone to a hospital to help a bedridden patient free haircut. On her way home, I saw that the homeless man's hair was messy and dirty. He also manages. "I did not expect that someone took this little thing and put it online."
Speaking of the art of barber, in fact, Aunt Jiang did not receive any special training. Seven years ago, a group of friends with similar interests often gathered to exchange ideas on how to make the days after retirement more fulfilling. One of Wu's good haircuts was in the pavilion at Haishu Park every Friday and Saturday. Set up an obligation for the public to take a haircut. Under Aunt Wu’s guidance, Aunt Jiang also began to use hair clippers and scissors. After a while, her craftsmanship gradually became more familiar. Later, Aunt Wu went to Beijing, and Aunt Jiang and others became the backbone of the obligatory hairdressing team. Every time they are obliged to cut their haircuts, they set a banner for “serving the people” as soon as they place their booths, and they always attract many citizens. Afterwards, the reputation of the obligatory hairdressing team became larger and larger, and people often called to ask them to go for a haircut. They also often served the disabled people in the community. They also often volunteered in nursing homes, orphanages and other places.
In addition to haircuts, enthusiastic Ginger Aunt also likes to be a matchmaker. “Some people invite us to eat candy tomorrow.” In an interview with the reporter, she also revealed the good news: Her married couple will soon be married. "Free haircuts and matchmaking are all good things and worth doing." Jiang He said with a smile, "I am very happy to help others."
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