Model NO.: Tire Recycling Plant
Type of General Rubber Machinery: Granulating Machine
Type of Tire Machinery: Rubber Regeneration Machinery
Trademark: Genox
Transport Package: Film with Wooden Pallet
Origin: Guangzhou
HS Code: 84778000

5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System
5000kg/hr Tire Recycling Plant / System


Car tires, truck tires and even consrtuction tires can be processed by GENOX high 
performance tire recycling plants 3,000-6,000kg per hour through without any manual separation. Rubber, fluff and steel wires 
are full-automatically separated by the system. The steel cleaner is available for cleaning the
 rubber stick on the steel.


About XENO series Two Shaft Shredder


XENO series twin shaft shredders are extremely high torque, high throughput shear type 
size reduction machines often used for pre-shredding of large volume or high strength materials which may contain contamination.  
The unique modular split chamber design, provides excellent access to key components 
therefore reducing maintenance downtime and service costs which is a huge advantage 
when comparing machines of this size. 

5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System

A typical tire recycling plant would include the following components:

> Infeed Conveyor - heavy duty, steel belt conveyor feeds the tires to the shredder.
> Primary Twin Shaft Shredder - shears the tires into strips 
> Conveyor - transport the tire strips to the secondary shredder
> Secondary Twin Shaft Shredder - shears the strips into smaller more uniform sized shreds
> Recirculation System - to control the size of the shreds going to the Raspers
> Raspers - reduces the shreds into 15-20mm chips and liberates steel from the rubber 
> Overbelt Magnet - separation of liberated steel from the rubber chips
> Vibratory Feeder - transports the rubber chips
> Conveyor Belt- transports the rubber chips 
> Granulator - size reduction of the chips to 1-4mm granules and liberates the textile fraction to allow separation
> Vibratory Screen - sorts the granules by size and removes the majority of textile
> Zig-Zag Classifier - removal of remaining textile
> Drum magnet - removal of remaining steel fines
> Big-Bag Station 
> Central De-dusting Unit - removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to 

> Control Panel


The correct combination and sizing of the above listed equipment will provide a reliable, 
efficient tire recycling system that will produce a high quality rubber granulate, clean textile
 and steel ideal for sale, or for use in further processing equipment. 




Prior to delivery from our facility, all our tire recycling plants are set up and tested under 
"real world" conditions to ensure the plant capacity and quality of the finished products are
 guaranteed. Customers are welcomed and encouraged to attend these trials to see their 
plant in operation, receive training on the operation and maintenance of their system, and
 to see similar equipment in build.

5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System
We awarded 50 utility model patents and 3 invention patents.

5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System
5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System
5000kg/Hr Tire Recycling Plant / System

1.Question:Will we provide pre-sale services ?
Answer:Genox consists of experienced specialists, we will offer a suitable solution according
 client's requirement in time.

2.Question:Is our after-sales service excellent ?
Answer:Genox's skilled technicians are available to assist with onsite installation,
commissioning & training on request. This will enable customers to optimize the performance of
their new plant. Customers will be briefed on all aspects relating to operation and maintenance
by a Genox technician. Dimensional drawings together with service requirements will be provided
prior to delivery of the equipment. This will allow the customer to prepare the site and allow
them to commence production in a timely fashion.
  Genox holds a adequately inventory of spare parts and their efficient service personnel will
ensure that any required part will be dispatched without delay. Delivery  of the spare parts
may be by air, sea or courier depending on the urgency of the situation. Customers are
encouraged to hold their own critical spare parts such as granulator blades and screens to
ensure optimal machine condition and performance.
3.Question:Will we provide technical support ?
 Answer:Genox provides enough hardware resource especially for large-scale production lines,
clients can carry out installation, commissioning and acceptance before delivery.
Contact Detail: 
Fax: 86-20-66851347
Address:Xiqiao, Dongchong Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 511453
Welcome to contact us at any time We will reply you within 24 hours


As the consumable components within the plasma torch naturally wear over time, the quality and accuracy of the finished parts is diminished.  Increased edge bevel, bottom dross build-up, and edge distortion are important signs to the operator that a consumable change is needed.   In order to remedy these problems, it is not uncommon for the operator to automatically replace the entire set of consumables – especially the electrode, nozzle and shield cap – instead of evaluating each component individually.  This results in excessive consumable usage, which negatively impacts the overall cost of operation and increases the cost to produce each finished part.

Since many variables affect the life of torch consumables and since each application is unique and includes different operating conditions, it is difficult to make blanket statements that exactly quantify the number of expected pierces from each component.  Instead, it is better to learn what to look for on each consumable and then perform a quick visual inspection when cut quality diminishes.  In addition to the electrode, nozzle, and shield cap that garner most of the attention, it is also important to inspect the swirl ring, inner retaining cap and outer retaining cap. Each and every plasma torch component plays a critical role in producing the longest life and highest cut quality possible.

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